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Texas_Two_Step ✭✭


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    August 2015
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    August 2015
  • coltsfan812

    Hey bud you asked about payout, we still have one slot open, interested?

    August 2015
    • Texas_Two_Step
      I think I'm going to pass sir. Thank you for the follow up.
  • stanfootball

    I was just answering one of your comments on my defense questions and realized I need to just talk to you personally. By the way you kind of look like my son. If I find a picture that shows the resemblance I might post it so you can see I'm not lying.

    Dude I have Baltimore and Tennessee on my team. I'm not considering ten right now. I was hoping Baltimore might surprise. There was no better defense available that I knew of at the time. I can philly and Detroit , jets, buffalo, Cleveland , Miami. My goal is to pounce on defenses and and stream if I have to until I find a dependable one like Kc last year if that happens. I am also looking at TEs. I have Pitta and Ebron. I could get Kelce, wright, Pit old te . cant remember his name right now. HE could be good you know who I'm talking about. Big BEns Buddy Te. who got injured last year. I'm wondering about greenbay's Te. Rooky named Rogers plus other ones. I can get the talented second year Te from Sandiego. Please excuse my lack of memo

    September 2014
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    September 2014
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    August 2014
  • indeed

    I've noticed that you and I seem to think alike on many things. I have a time sensitive decision to make tonight and wanted your input. Do you do any dynasty leagues? If so please take a minute to chime in on my dilemma. Thanks.

    August 2014
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    August 2014
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    August 2014
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    August 2014
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    August 2014