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Who else benched Marshall this week??

whoson1st0whoson1st0 Posts: 28Member
edited September 2014 in Football Leftovers

Benched him for Kendall Wright. Yeah, that was a 24 pt difference for me this week. Oh yeah also had RG3

A friend in another league benched Marshall as well but settled for Sanu on the waiver wire - he lucked out big time!


  • MattyNMattyN Posts: 996Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    That sucks but don't beat yourself up about it. I benched Cutler because I thought Alshon and Marshall couldn't go. Whoops.

    I will say, seems like more coaches are using player status to confuse opponents and (and screw with fantasy owners) than ever. Classic Belichick trick.

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