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Peyton Manning - Top QB off the board?

dolfin99dolfin99 Posts: 36Member, Moderator, Response Team mod

I have had numerous discussion on the subject and I don't think Manning should be the first QB off the board. He is not getting any younger and he lost Decker and Moreno. They did pick up Sanders, but I don't think he will perform well enough to cover Decker's 2013 stats.

Personally, I like Brees over the rest of the QBs in the top spot. Cooks has been solid so far and if Colston, Cooks, Toon and Stills can perform to their ability (can't forget Graham), Brees will be tough to beat.

What are your thoughts?


  • Cowboys4LifeCowboys4Life Posts: 20Member

    I think I would still take Manning. There are still plenty of tools left in the bag to put up solid numbers. Will he put up record breaking numbers like last year? Probably not. But I still think he leads the pack of QB's this year. I would take Brees 2nd though.

  • dreamFFCafedreamFFCafe Posts: 31Member, Moderator mod

    At this point I have Manning as my top QB in my rankings, but if it came down to it, I would take Brees...for many of the reason you point out. First off is age/health and that is a huge factor for me because then you are looking to get a reliable back-up. Second are the weapons - I just don't see them being as explosive as last year.

  • dolfin99dolfin99 Posts: 36Member, Moderator, Response Team mod

    I just think he put it all on the line last season. I agree he still has tools, but Brees more weapons and if they perform, he will be unstoppable.

  • Delhomme17Delhomme17 Posts: 113Member

    Manning, Rodgers, and Brees all have legitimate claims to the "Best Fantasy QB" title, but I still think the right idea is to stock up on position guys earlier and grab a Cam/Romo/Cutler later in the draft.

  • JohnnyFootballJohnnyFootball Posts: 11Member

    @Delhomme17‌ I would grab Kaepernick or Rivers before Cam or Romo. Cam has no receivers to throw to this year and Romo is just coming off of back surgery and apparently it's affecting his deep ball.

  • Delhomme17Delhomme17 Posts: 113Member

    I think reports of Cam's demise are greatly exaggerated. Could chemistry be an issue? Maybe, maybe not. He's been putting in a ton of extra work with the WR's this offseason, and Cotchery has really taken to being a team leader. Let's look at this year vs. last year:

    Smith/LaFell/Ginn vs. Benjamin/Cotchery/Avant

    I'm as big a fan of Smith as you'll ever see--I wear his jersey every Sunday--but he's lost a step. 64/745/4 last season with zero 100 yard games. He's yards/catch average was the second lowest of his career at 11.6. The lowest, 11.5, was in 2007 with the vertically deficient unholy trinity of Carr/Moore/Vinny were under center; Smith still scored 7 times, had over 1k yards, and caught almost 90 balls. 89 is as fiery as anyone, but he's not the blazingly fast field stretcher he used to be. I would not be surprised if Kelvin matched Smith's 2013 numbers, which amounted to 4 catches for 47 yards each week with a touchdown every fourth week.

    Cotchery will outperform LaDrop, no doubt about it. He's not going to light the world on fire with his play, but he's a dependable set of hands. I'd be shocked if he matched the 8--EIGHT!--drops on 90 targets LaFell had last year.

    Ginn is probably a smidge better than Avant, but the reality is that the Panthers' offense isn't built to get the third receiver too many touches. This "dropoff" doesn't concern me.

  • SmokeScreenSmokeScreen Posts: 3Member

    I think Sanders could do more than fill Decker's shoes. Manning is definitely the #1 QB off the board. Brees and Rodgers will follow in that order. NO has a couple sleepers this year

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