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NFL Regular Season Week 1 - Commentary, Cheering, Venting, and Discussion

m16am16a Posts: 37Member, Moderator mod
edited September 2014 in Football Leftovers

Football is here, and I'm excited about that. Talk about all games and things of NFL week 1 in here!

A number of my general thoughts from the first game of the season last night:

  • Seahawks are a darn good football team, and showed no signs (at least in game 1) of a Super Bowl hangover.

  • Marshawn ain't done yet.

  • Of course this would be the first season ever that I own Rodgers, of course... Not the way I wanted to start out. haha.

  • Lacy looked darn good. Shame about the concussion. Was excited for his season and it's a bummer to see it potentially cut a bit short.

Don't forget to get those line ups set, ladies and gents. And of course, the standard week 1 caveat to all those tempted to freak out after a week. IT'S JUST ONE WEEK. CHILL OUT. Enjoy the season, folks.


  • MattyNMattyN Posts: 996Member, Expert Writers ✭✭
    • Seahawks do look great. The SB champs usually kick butt in the Thursday opener. Green Bay's defense (as usual) strikes me as suspect. We'll see how the season plays out.

    • Marshawn indeed looks like he was definitely underrated in most projections. I understand why. The way that guy runs it just doesn't seem like he can keep it up. Until he does.

    • I wouldn't get down on Rodgers yet. He was playing last years best D and they don't appear to have fallen off.

    • If you didn't hoard RBs in your draft and now you are freaking about Eddie Lacy you should know better. How many of the top drafted RBs last year finished in the top 10? Nobody is a sure thing. That said, I think Lacy is back in a few weeks and still has a good season.

    • Go Hawks

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