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Dynasty Team Advice

I'm in a $200 salary cap dynasty 0.5 PPR league. The starting lineup is 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1FLEX, 1TE, 1K, 1D. We keep everyone on our roster and the salaries go up each year, so good players are very hard to come by. All players dropped are put into an auction draft at the beginning of each year.

This is my team as it is now after dropping some players.

QB - Romo ($30)
RB - K. Davis ($5), L. Miller ($14), L. Murray ($5), Sims ($3)
WR - Dez ($32), A.J. Green ($31), Cooks ($15), Maclin ($12), Landry ($5), Allen Robinson ($3)
TE - Graham ($15)


1) Would else would you drop?
2) Trade for a QB like Bridgewater ($5), Tannehill ($15), Rivers ($15), E. Manning $17)?
3) Trade for a RB like Hill ($15), Hyde ($16), Morris ($15)?

Who would you offer in trades (Maclin for Tannehill for example), or would you just target rookies to fill the RB hole and get a mid level QB?


  • murphysxmmurphysxm Posts: 361Member, Moderator mod

    It is really hard to answer questions like this without knowing the relative value of these players and who is available in the auction. From a macro level, $30 for Romo seems very high. I also think I'd rather have the $5 for Knile to auction in the FA pool and target some rookies with more upside. I would also try trading some of your WR depth for some RB as that is your biggest weakness.

  • fantasybearsfantasybears Posts: 30Member

    Good points. I plan on dropping Romo and seeing what I can get. The top level players that are available usually go for high $ in the draft. It's those value picks you can keep for a few years that really help in this league. Guys I thought might be good values were ones listed. Brees and Manning were $40+ this year, McCoy is $39, Lacy is $42, Peterson is $53, Bell is $39 if they are kept right now which they should be. WRs that are really good hover around $30. Which WRs would you offer in a trade and what level RB would you target with them?

  • srlarsonsrlarson Posts: 682Member ✭✭

    if you can get hill/Hyde, Rivers or Manning for the $'s listed I think you have to....I personally would cut Romo and all of your Rb's.....none of those guys is better than an RB4 and should be $1 each....

    your WR depth is what you need to leverage Maclin for Rivers, and Landry or Cooks for Hill or Hyde...would make your team alot better.

  • JoshShep50JoshShep50 Posts: 191Member, Moderator mod

    If you can move Maclin for RB depth, or I really like Bridgewater at the price listed, that would be great. Maclin couldn't have ended up in a worse situation getting paired with checkdown artist Alex Smith. I like Murray at $5, and I could see a case for keeping Davis at $5, but I don't imagine he'd go for much more at auction since he's strictly a handcuff. Of the backs you listed, Jeremy Hill is my favorite.

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