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Who are your Value Players in the draft this year?

List your league format, the player, and a short description as to why you feel they are under valued.


  • TexasShooterTexasShooter Posts: 1,806Member, Response Team ✭✭
    edited May 2015

    12 Team, Standard scoring.

    Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, MIN

    I was one of the suckers that got him last year and was so excited after his 18pt game 1. Only to watch him do absolutely nothing productive for me the rest of the season. The guys in the league of course gave me crap for it. This season I am still somewhat high on this kid. Hes stronger this season and has been working on his speed and route running. The word was last season he was benched for Johnson simply because of his route running and his inability to get away from the defender. I doubt anyone in my league will pursue him, I am hoping I can snag him with one of my last 2 picks.

  • JGuilbault11JGuilbault11 Posts: 160Member

    Good call on Patterson, if you get him late, it won't hurt you.

    12-Man Standard

    Jordan Cameron - In terms of the other tight ends, he is most likely to be taken as the 8th-12th tight end off the board. With a consistent qb, who loves bigger targets, and if he stays healthy, he should be a top five, possibly three tight end this season. Similar to his 2013 year.

  • murphysxmmurphysxm Posts: 361Member, Moderator mod

    I will go with a position, not individual player. I think back end QB1's are going to be incredible values. Once you get past Peyton, Luck, Brees and Wilson, there is not much of a separation in my mind. I see myself getting a top 12 QB in the 10th round in every one of my drafts. Give me Eli Manning, Rivers, Big Ben, Brady, etc in 10 over Matt Ryan in the 4th/5th ALL day long.

  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭

    I agree big time @murphysxm

    I am target Rivers in the 10 or so, if Big Ben is there I would take him first over the two. I will be posting my value pics soon. Started this thread and as soon as I got to sit down I had work to do. Trying to decide who I think the best value is still too.

  • TexasShooterTexasShooter Posts: 1,806Member, Response Team ✭✭

    Past 2 years ive snagged Romo pretty late. 1st season got 2nd, and last season took the ship. I would like getting a Rodgers/Luck so you know youve got good points most weeks. But having as much luck as ive had waiting till late, ill keep that trend up.

  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭

    PPR 10

    Andre Ellington - Last year he was project to go in the top 20, now project in the 40s. He was injured early and it lingered all year. I think he finishes worthy of a 2nd pick round this year.

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