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Waiver Wire Help - Week 13 - ROS Strategy - WHIR!

My 7-5 roster in 3rd place - QBs Big Ben, Tannehill, Ryan, RBs Lacy, Ellington, Hill, WRs Antonio Brown, Evans, Djax, Braynt, Shorts, TE Gronk, K Tucker, DEF Baltimore (start week 15-16), Miami (start week 13-14). Standard scoring 10 team league with starting 2 RB, 3 WR & no flex.

No question, I am dropping Matt Ryan & Cecil Shorts. There could be a debate if DeSean Jackson is droppable. The main question is do I add high end handcuffs or roster depth? Which two would you target?

Free agent RBs - Blount, Herron, Reggie Bush, Hillman, James Starks, Knile Davis, Andre Williams. I'm leaning towards Starks to handcuff Lacy.

Free agent WRs - Jarvis Landry, John Brown, Charles Johnson. I really like Landry and Brown here. We do not get points for return yards, only TDs.

Free agent TEs - Tim Wight. If Gronk goes down Wright would be extreamely valuable!?!?

My gut says Starks and Wright are not sexy pickups, but make the most sense, right??? Maybe drop Djax for Landry?


  • Mr_Bush1789Mr_Bush1789 Posts: 71Member
    edited November 2014

    It depends how you feel about your team. Its pretty late in the season, my mantra has always been to go for broke at this point. Blount scares me as he is in a Patriots' backfield that is arbitrary at best, but Hillman could return to some relevance once he is back on the field. He will be ahead of Ball for sure, and I suspect CJ Anderson will stay towards the top of that depth chart too, as he has looked great since the 2013 pre season, but he gets paid in beans and so the Broncos have just been putting their heavier investments forward.

    I dont like Starks or Davis.

    Landry over Brown but either would be okay.

    I would go for depth here honestly, you have some high end bench players who could feasibly step in for any of your guys should they go down. Honestly, its late in the season and if you can get someone who can help you now I would do that. My only backtrack to that rule would be my suggestion to keep DJax, if RG3 is benched for Mccoy he could be very valuable again.


    Go for depth over handcuffs. But if you feel good about Wright, considering Gronk's injury history, he could be a solid add. Keep Jackson.

  • bronxblitz1265bronxblitz1265 Posts: 706Member

    @Mr_Bush1789‌ - I grabbed RB Herron & WR Landry off of waivers (surprised I landed both), while dropping WR Shorts & QB Ryan. I did pass on Blount, hopefully I made the right call there. TE Wright did go unclaimed. I think this makes my squad stronger.

  • stopswaggytacostopswaggytaco Posts: 14Member

    I'd agree with the handcuff strategy.

  • robotninjarobotninja Posts: 155Member

    This time of year I try and secure my handcuffs. What are the chances that you are actually going to play a boom/bust guy during playoff weeks? Slim unless you dont have your studs handcuffs.

    Thanks for thoughts on mine.

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