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chapie1968chapie1968 Posts: 535Member

I'm tired of getting screwed. It's no longer fun. I lose again this week by one point to bring my record to a robust 5-6 (mind you I also had the commissioner also steal a tie from me and make it a loss which would have been big in playoff tiebreakers)

I have the 2nd Total High Points for the season(only 26 off the leader) and I'm in dead last in my division and 9th overall out of 12 teams.

I lost this week because:

D Allen can't get me a single point because he gets hurt(PPR)

J CHarles and J Jones fish with XX9 yards, 1 more freaking yard= 1 more point

J Charles loses a fumble (-2)

Cleveland's D blows against a back up RB and first time starting QB and get me (-1) points

A Brown can save me with a great night( I need 25)...he gets ....24

I am getting screwed on a weekly basis every way you can think of.

I'M DONE!!!!!

It's not fun anymore, it freaking aggravating and it's ruining football for me

Rant Over


  • KJMiller127KJMiller127 Posts: 40Member
    edited November 2014

    Welcome to fantasy football. In my league of 10 the third lowest scoring team is in third place...

  • TexasShooterTexasShooter Posts: 1,806Member, Response Team ✭✭

    That's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. A buddy of mine seems like every person he picks up or has gets hurts.

  • utilityhookutilityhook Posts: 330Member

    @TexasShooter said:
    That's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. A buddy of mine seems like every person he picks up or has gets hurts.

    I have the same problem. They either get hurt or suspended

  • chapie1968chapie1968 Posts: 535Member

    Fantasy football should be all about points scored even though head to head makes it fun. Points scored should be one of the main determining factors of playoff teams/ money prizes because you can't play defense against your opponent in fantasy football.

    Therefore my idea for a league is that you play 26 games in a season. Each week of the 13 game season you have a head to head match up that you either win or lose. Then the other game is against the entire league. The top scoring half of the league is awarded a win and the bottom half a loss. This would help balance out the inequities of the high scoring teams getting screwed each week by playing the one team in the league that outscores them, or the garbage team that keeps getting wins because they happen to keep playing the one team that scores no points that week.

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