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Avoiding McCoy and Marshawn? Forte?

Is anyone worried about McCoy and Marshawn this year?

McCoy handled the ball more than he ever had with 314 carries and 52 catches for 366 touches. Tack on an extra 21 carries plus 4 catches in his playoff game and McCoy totals 391 touches in 2013.
In 2012 he had 259 touches in 12 games (no playoffs).
In 2011 he had 321 touches in 15 games (no playoffs).

Forte was second in the league in touches with 363 (289 carries and 74 catches). No playoffs.

In contrast, Marshawn Lynch had 337 touches in the regular season and 66 in three playoff games for a total of 403.
Gore had 292 touches plus three playoff games.

Lacy had 342 (including playoffs), Jamal Charles had 332 (including playoffs), Murray had 313, and Peterson had 298.

This alone would lead me to steer clear of Marshawn and Gore and to be tentative about taking McCoy.

I think if I had the first pick I would take Charles - in PPR format for sure, but also in standard formats. I'd stay away from Marshawn and Gore entirely.

What do ya'll think about this? Are you worried about Marshawn and McCoy getting injured or becoming ineffective? Forte?


  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    Lynch and Forte are workhorses, not to worried about them. They are both big strong backs who can take the hits all year.
    Lacy is young and we don't know how he can take the punishment of being a nfl back for his second year now, but he was a beast on Alabama and took pride in running defenders over, that's his game.

    I would stay away from Frank Gore, I usually have Gore every year for cheap in my auction draft so it's okay for me. But this year I might stay away. The 49ers have a lot of other young talented RBs behind him in Hyde and Lattimore.


    In that order I would go.

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    I'm not so worried about the history of RBs staying healthy after an offseason hold out with Lynch like many lazy "experts" from other fantasy sites. He is an animal. I am concerned with his age, but again he could easily have one more monster season left in him, and if you are in a redraft league that is all you care about, this season. My concern is a simple one. We play in our leagues all year long just to make the playoffs which means that weeks 14-16 (or whenever your single elimination playoffs run) are by far the most important weeks of the season. I just don't see how SEA doesn't make the playoffs again. If that is in fact true, then I don't see how SEA runs Lynch into the ground before the real NFL playoffs start. Plus they probably want to see how Christine Michael handles a heavy workload. They need to know before they consider cutting Lynch next season for cap purposes. It's a perfect storm for Lynch to kill fantasy teams in the playoffs. I absolutely envision them resting him quite a bit down the stretch if they are running away with the West which granted is not an easy task. That is the true buyer be ware on Lynch. He could kill you when you need him the most.

  • rjwhiterjwhite Posts: 35Member, Expert Writers

    My worry about Lynch stems more from the fact that I think they want Michael to be more involved this year. I don't see Lynch being on the team in 2015, so they need to see now whether Michael can be a Lynch replacement moving forward, or whether they need to find a better bell-cow in the offseason (or maybe alter their strategy with how they approach the position from a personnel standpoint).

    I have no issues taking McCoy at the top of the draft based on his system. Chris Polk is a very cheap handcuff to scoop up at the end of the draft (cheaper than Knile Davis, usually), so if injury does strike, you'll still have a solid fantasy starter thanks to the run-friendly nature of Kelly's system.

  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭

    Charles McCoy Forte Lynch, I would only consider Gore as a flex.

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