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Who to take with 10th and 11th picks?

I have the last pick of our PPR keeper league snake draft in two weeks, meaning I have 2 consecutive picks. Keepers that will be unavailable are Jimmy Graham, Eddy Lacy, Antonio Brown, and Gio Bernard. I am keeping DeMarco and Jordy with my 5th and 6th Round picks. With that said, who should I be taking with the 10th and 11th picks of the first two rounds? My gut tells me to take 2 stud WRs like Green and Marshall (depending on who falls to me). Thoughts?

No one is keeping a QB, by the way.

Will help in return! Thanks.


  • rjwhiterjwhite Posts: 35Member, Expert Writers

    Two guys in the Tier 1 at WR would be pretty excellent in a PPR league, if they make it there. Really hard to say without knowing all the players who won't be kept.

  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭

    I would go WR/RB, I am also in a 10 PPR keep 2 and would be suprised to see those two WR not even being kept, not to mention to see them still out there in the 10th and 11th. I go through the others team and typical compose a list of players they are likely to keep. Then decide who is out there, and what those players likely need to pick up before me. Then I get a decent idea who I can narrow in on.

  • DeeToiDeeToi Posts: 219Member

    We tier them so you can only keeper a certain amount based on where they were drafted last year. Here is the list of keepers. We announced them today so that owners can prepare accordingly.

    Lacy (6)
    Fitz (4) and T.Y. (9)
    Jimmy (3)
    Edelman (6)
    Ryan Mathews (8), DeSean (9) and Gordon (10)
    Gio Bernard (6) and Stacy (14)
    Antonio Brown (7) and Ben Tate (16)
    MEEEEEEEE : DeMarco (5) and Jordy (6)

  • DeeToiDeeToi Posts: 219Member

    First and second round picks cannot be kept, hence why the stud RBs and WRs are available.

  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭

    Ah I recall that from the last post now. If you do go WR/WR (which I don't think is bad in a PPR) you will have to find some deep value in RB. However I think there is some deep value in WR out there, Crabtree is high on my list as a WR3 with upside as him and Kapernic have a bromance brewing. So I vote RB/WR...

  • ZaKuraiRodoZaKuraiRodo Posts: 56Member

    Gio, Stacy and Lacy are being kept. You already have Demarco. You have the last pick of the round. Probably all but certain, AP, Charles, McCoy and Forte will already be gone. What other rbs are there in that range? Foster is a huge risk in my opinion. That's too early for Ellington, Lynch might be gone, but I'm not sure I'd want to take him anyway. Maybe Bell, but personally, I'd rather take one stud wr and gronk or two stud wrs. Imagine you have a trio of Jordy, and two of Megatron/Dez/Demaryius/Green/Julio? Then you can get a serviceable rb2 later in the draft like joquie/fjax/lamar and a te after the 2nd rd like Julius or Cameron or later in the draft like Rudolph or Ertz and get a QB in the middle rds like romo/cutler/ryan.

  • andy117andy117 Posts: 86Member

    Rank the top 11 guys who aren't being kept and take the two highest that are left when you pick. I wouldn't be set on RB/WR or WR/WR if things don't go quite how you planned it's best to have a list to go off.

  • DeeToiDeeToi Posts: 219Member

    Exactly, ZaKuriaRodo. I know Megatron will be going top 5 in my talks with other owners. But a combo of Jordy (keeper) and two of Dez/Demariyus/AJ/Marshall/Julio would be pretty sick with an tier 2 RB2. @andy117‌, in my rankings for the top 11, all RBs are outside (including Arian, Marshawn, LeVeon and Montee) so looks like I'm taking 2 WR.

  • DeeToiDeeToi Posts: 219Member
  • The_DarkhawkThe_Darkhawk Posts: 264Member, Community Writers

    I try not to put myself into a "must take this position" pick in any round, especially what I'm assuming is a 10 team league. You have to look at BPA in those two picks...If Julius Thomas and a top RB are available, it would be hard to pass on that.

    Don't be afraid to wait on a RB either, just because you don't get a stud doesn't mean you cant get serviceable RBs later. In PPR, I'd look at your best TEs avail and your best WR avail.

  • DeeToiDeeToi Posts: 219Member

    Would you really take Julius that early?I personally rank Gronk ahead of him. And the likes if Arian, Lynch, Bell and Ball will be available. Would those qualify as "top RBs" in your opinion?

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