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What do you guys think about this team?

RickyteddybRickyteddyb Posts: 5Member

QB: Tony Romo
RB: Doug Martin, Joique Bell, Bishop Sankey, Danny Woodhead, Knowshon Moreno
WR: Calvin Johnson, Antonio Brown, Jordy Nelson, Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders
TE: Julius Thomas, Heath Miller
PK: Steve Hauschka
TD: Denver Broncos


  • m16am16a Posts: 37Member, Moderator mod

    Hey boss, first and foremost, welcome (back?) to the Cafe. If you've been here before, thanks for putting up with the switch, and I hope you stick around and help make this place what it used to be. If you are new, welcome! This is one of the best fantasy football communities that exists, and it works because of people like you.

    I've moved your like from DTWK to the Rank my Roster section, so it'll get more love.

    As for your actual roster, when asking questions, it is always best to give info such as number of teams in the league, PPR/no PPR, and general scoring, so we can evaluate as best we can. I'm guessing it's a smaller league, your WR corp is sickeningly good. Jordy as a WR3 is nasty. Sanders with Peyton has tons of upside, and Wallace, while not the old Wallace, is definitely a good depth piece. They definitely get an A+. WR is WR. I'd grab a backup somewhere along the way, just not sure what Romo's health is gonna be like. Still, he's a solid B+ player. Your RBs have a ton of potential, but a lot of questions. (Does Martin come back healthy? What is Sankey's rookie year like? Does Woodhead continue being a productive Sproles like player?) It's definitely a solid group, that could work out very well, but could also go very wrong. I'll give them a B grading here. TE/K are fine. Solid A. Denver should be a much improved defense this year, so they too are a good pick. Overall, it's a quality team. I think you should be competitive for sure. Just stay on top of the wire and everything. Solid B+/A- team in my book.

  • RickyteddybRickyteddyb Posts: 5Member

    12 Team League. Followed my Tiers this year to the tee. Won the champioship last year and i'm trying to repeat. 4 pts for TD passes. 5 pts for TD runs. 6 pts for TD catches. 1 point for every 20 yards passing. 1 point for every ten yards running and 1 point for every 9 yards catching. 1 point for every 3 receptions. I originally started off with the third pick but i traded my 1st, 2nd and 4th round pick for someone elses 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks, which gave me 4 picks in the top 31. My league overall values wr's most. With that in mind, i picked up calvin, julus, antonio and jordy with my first four picks. The value i was getting with wr's was too much to pass up. While everyone was picking 3rd and 4th tier backs, i had 1st and second tier tight ends and wr's to pick from. I picked up Romo in the 9th round.

  • gbell217gbell217 Posts: 123Member

    you have 11 guys I have ranked in top 100 ... that is stealing

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    "With that in mind, i picked up calvin, julus, antonio and jordy with my first four picks."

    Wow that means you got Doug Martin in the 5th round of a 12 team league? Bell was a 6th rounder? How in the world did that happen? Well done sir. That is great for you, but I don't think the rest of us can hope that a draft would fall anything close to that for us.

  • nerv101nerv101 Posts: 56Member

    Do you get to start 3 WR's? If so, you've got a grade A receiving corp. Jordy Nelson would be a lot of team's #1 but you have at as #3. Nice!

    RB is your problem area. Hopefully Martin returns to his rookie year form. I had him in one of my leagues last year and he was bad even before the injury. I can't trust him as a RB1 but your WRs can pick up the slack. I do like Bell though. Lions gave him good money so I expect an increase in playing time.

  • BlindSquirrelsBlindSquirrels Posts: 4Member

    Loaded. Figured it was a 10 man league.

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