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14 team half PPR starting lots of WR...WHIR 100%

mrdaveyhavocmrdaveyhavoc Posts: 12Member

Hello all and happy draft season!

Just finished my 14 team half ppr league that I count as my main competition every year. We start up to 4 WR and a max of 2 RB so I obviously focused on WR early. Here is my roster- have at it. As I mention above, leave a link and WHIR 100%


QB: Colin Kaepernick
WR: Calvin Johnson
WR: Alshonn Jeffrey
WR: DeSean Jackson
RB: Arian Foster
RB: Frank Gore
TE: Travis Kelce
W/T: Eric Decker

Bench: Carlos Hyde, Danny Woodhead, Andre Williams, Johnathan Grimes, Harry Douglas, Cody Lattimer, Timothy Wright, Dwayne Allen


  • duffoholicduffoholic Posts: 87Member

    Thanks for the comment on mine!

    I like the bench guys, Williams, Grimes, and Hyde as potential guys who could take the full starting gig with an injury or poor output from the present starters. That is a SOLID top three WRs though I'm not as high as some seem to be on Jackson in WAS. His high end speed seems to be in decline and RGIII scares me. There is a little bit of a depth issue at WR as I don't really see anybody beyond the top 4 starting and think Decker could be a big dud without Peyton throwing to him, but for a 14 teamer, you are laughing! Hopefully Foster can return to form for ya and Kaep doesn't suck as badly as I think he is going to.

  • kevv_70kevv_70 Posts: 73Member

    I really like this team. Not sure about Kapernick but receivers are really good for starters. Eric Decker I am not sold on with the Jets. He is a good receiver but will anyone get him the ball? Arian Foster....who knows what you will get. I really love Carlos Hyde and would love him on my team as a keeper. I assume this is a redraft league?

    Thanks for the help on mine

  • steelcurtainsteelcurtain Posts: 3Member

    Yes agree with the previous posters. Solid draft considering 14 teams.

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