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I picked #3 in 12 team PPR league...where to improve?

waswikwaswik Posts: 32Member

Just finished my draft last night. Yahoo says I did the best, but you know how accurate that is...
Where do you think I should focus on to improve my roster? General commentary/prospects on my roster is also appreciated. Thanks in advance!

QB: Tom Brady
RB: Matt Forte
RB: Reggie Bush
WR: Julio Jones
WR: Antonio Brown
WR: Eric Decker
TE: Jordan Cameron
K: Connor Barth

DEF: Cincinnati

BN: Fred Jackson
BN: Darren Sproles
BN: James Jones (Oak - WR)


  • The_DarkhawkThe_Darkhawk Posts: 264Member, Community Writers

    For PPR formats, I believe this team will compete. I'm not a buyer in Decker or Cameron this year, but where people draft them their value isn't bad. Bush is interesting, because I think he becomes more of the same RB as he was in NO, and Bell takes the "Lions share"...see what I did there...of the carries. I like the depth you have at RB as well, to me WR is one of the deepest positions and the easiest to replace. I might consider adding Bryce Brown before the season kicks off. Even though Buffalo has said no one has contacted them about Spiller, that's not something you want to hear about a "starting RB". Jackson will continue to get the goal line work, but if Bryce gets any shot at showing his 2 weeks last year weren't a fluke, he may rise up the chain fairly quickly.

  • waswikwaswik Posts: 32Member

    Good one Doc, got the pun :)

    Thanks for your comments. I picked Bush because how good he's looked in the pre-season. I'm hoping that there are enough carries to go around and maybe Bush will even get the "lion's share" of the carries if he can continue out performing in the regular season.

    Interesting about Bryce Brown. I had not even considered him at all and have not even followed anything about him. I will do a little research, thanks for the pointer! Regarding Spiller, what do you mean no one has contacted them? Is there a possibility of them trading him? That would certainly make things more interesting for FJackson!

  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭

    Issue with Bush is he is not a mudder, when conditions get bad, rain/snow he sits. And then there's the, how many games will he play, usually not big injuries, but a game here and there. The pro is the during the FF playoffs there are at home 3 games straight, huge plus for owners. However the FF SB he is in Chicago, so you might not be able to play him depending on conditions.

    I like your team overall, like Brady, love Forte this year, JJ, and Brown is great to have.

  • The_DarkhawkThe_Darkhawk Posts: 264Member, Community Writers

    @waswik‌ there had been rumors that teams were contacting the Bills about possible trades for Spiller. They came out and said no team has contacted them in regards of Spiller. Spiller is a FA next year and no news on a new contract yet.

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