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10 Team Standard Yahoo League

me382608me382608 Posts: 49Member

QB: Dalton, RG3
WR: Demaryius Thomas, Vincent Jackson, Mike Wallace, Michael Floyd, Markus Wheaton
RB: Demarco Murray, Doug Martin, Bernard Pierce, Rashad Jennings, Trent Richardson, Jonathan Grimes
TE: Jordan Reed
K: Phil Dawson
DEF: Cincinnati

Not thrilled on my QBs, the draft glitched and took RG3 when I didn't want him.. otherwise would love advice on who to start/sit in the WR3 and Flex spot.

Ill gladly give my ranking to your roster as well!

P.S the order they are in above is my current ranking/starters with Pierce in the Flex.


  • Blake_FincherBlake_Fincher Posts: 660Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    Michael Floyd has to be the guy. I think he puts up WR1 numbers this season.

  • The_DarkhawkThe_Darkhawk Posts: 264Member, Community Writers

    Dalton will be serviceable for you all year, I wouldn't worry about having him on your roster.

    Love your WRs, they make your team near unstoppable.

    Risk with Martin as your RB2, but it seems that the hype train has started warming up for him as the pre-season ends and we get closer to Week 1. Pierce will be good for you for at least 2 weeks, not sure what the Ravens will do with him if he blows up those two weeks. See if the Rice owner will part ways with him, or see what he'll give for Pierce.

    Overall great draft for you.

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