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12 Team one point PPR-Rank my draft

jhus849jhus849 Posts: 1Member

QB- Romo
RB- Matt Forte
RB- Joique Bell
WR- Antonio Brown
WR- Keenan Allen
W/R/T- Pierre Garcon
TE- Jordan Reed or Zach Ertz
Def- Texans
K- Matt Bryant

Be- Michael Floyd
Be- Terrance Williams
Be- Danny Woodhead
Be- Devonta Freeman
Be- Terrance West
Be- Marqise Lee


  • oscar15oscar15 Posts: 8Member


    Allen (borderline stud),
    Floyd (Really like him this year)

    Opportunity to Out Perform Current Ranking:

    1. Love Romo but health is an issue. I'm carrying 1 QB myself but he is not an injury risk (relatively speaking). Think I would want a quality #2 on my roster
    2. I prefer strength at RB. I'm looking to package a couple of WRs for another quality RB
    3. Don't know if I want two WAS REC right now...GB, DEN, yes....WAS no

    83% of making playoffs

  • badams4badams4 Posts: 319Member

    I am with the guy before me, I love Forte and Brown... I do consider Allen a stud as well.. Ertz is a solid uptick guy who could make you very happy.. I despise any WR is Was not named Jackson. Honestly if I were you I would look to deal brown.. See if you can get Edleman and a RB 2 for him Joique bell just doesnt do it for me.. I think you did the right thing and bought low on your bench, at least one of them will be a starter for your team by years end.. Take a peak at mine?

    I think playoffs are almost a lock for you, barring anything crazy!!

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