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TRADE Rashad Jennings for Michael Floyd

cls31scls31s Posts: 20Member

Jennings on my team. 12 team: 0.5 PPR, otherwise standard rules, 1Q/2R/2W/1 Flex This league is NOT a keeper league.

Matt Ryan

Eddie Lacy
Montee Ball
Rashad Jennings
Bernard Pierce
Knowshon Moreno

Keenan Allen
Terrance Williams
Rueben Randle
Danny Amendola
Greg Jennings

Julius Thomas
Ladarius Green

Mason Crosby
Denver Broncos

I feel pretty weak at WR since I went 6th overall and grabbed Lacy and Ball first 2. Allen at 3, Thomas dropped to 4 and picked up Rashad in the 5th (54th overall in this draft). Floyd was also picked up in the 5th (59th) and I could have grabbed him instead. I feel the guy might like Rashad and is pretty weak at RB nonetheless. (He went Manning and Jimmy Graham at pick 11.)

Am I able to leverage into another player or package a deal 2 for 2? His roster is fairly bad imo... (Peyton, DeSean, Floyd, Mathews, MJD, Jimmy, Golden Tate, Bowe, Kaep, Blunt (lol), Antonio Gates, Kenny Stills, Kembrell.

Notable RB FA: Lance Dunbar, Jonathan Stewart, Jonathan Dwyer, Ronnie Hillman

On a side note...I always feel Amendola is gonna have a great year and every year he proves me wrong...


  • clatch97clatch97 Posts: 147Member

    Good trade for you

  • Blake_FincherBlake_Fincher Posts: 660Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    Do it . Like yesterday.

  • oscar15oscar15 Posts: 8Member

    Make the trade

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    Agreed. He's a solid WR2. You don't have one on your team. Upside guys but nothing you can count on behind Allen.

  • srlarsonsrlarson Posts: 680Member ✭✭

    I say no....stay with Jennings.....I like Floyd, but Jennings as your flex.....and always important to have 3 solid RB's.....I also think williams will surprise you.....I have him on a huge year....

  • cls31scls31s Posts: 20Member

    so 4 yes's and one no...

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    I like Williams too but I'm afraid he will disappear too often this year. It seems pretty simple to me. If I am a defensive coordinator I put my best corner on Williams. He just isn't a special enough talent to get separation from a good corner. Then I double Dez and take my chances against an aging TE. I have Williams in two leagues but as my WR 4. I just can't trust him every week. He's a nice piece, but no where near a WR2. Jennings has upside no doubt, but Floyd is a stud. He will go much earlier next season in all formats. Take the deal.

  • Blake_FincherBlake_Fincher Posts: 660Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    If you don't make this trade you will regret it the rest of the season. Once Floyd starts putting up big numbers you won't be able to get him.

  • The_DarkhawkThe_Darkhawk Posts: 264Member, Community Writers

    Jennings is in a horrible offense...but he was last year too. He had 163 carries for 733 yards and 6 TDs. I believe part of that time he was sharing carries. Now he's the RB1 with only a rookie behind him. 1000 yds rushing with 6-8 TDs isn't out of the question for him. I think I'd rather keep the RB for now and not deplete the depth you have. Floyd would most certainly upgrade you, but don't forget Fitzy is on the other side of him too.

    I say keep Jennings and keep hunting the WW for another WR.

    Who is out there on the WW just curious?

  • cls31scls31s Posts: 20Member

    RB: stewart, hillman, dwyer, lance dunbar, james white,
    WR: hartline, nicks, jordan matthews, doug baldwin, dobson, mike williams, harry douglas, nate washington, streater

  • The_DarkhawkThe_Darkhawk Posts: 264Member, Community Writers

    I would take Hartline, Nicks and Matthews over Jennings any day. More upside with those guys. You have depth at each position right now, I wouldn't give that up.

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