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Please rate my team, WHIR

rc7112rc7112 Posts: 14Member

12 team, Standard scoring ESPN league, QB RB RB WR WR FLEX TE DEF K...

QB: Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson
RB: Eddie Lacy, Demarco Murray, Trent Richardson, Lamar Miller, Christine Michael
WR: Antonio Brown, Victor Cruz, Wes Welker, Kelvin Benjamin, Jordan Matthews, Aaron Dobson
TE: Gronkowski
DEF: Seahawks

I strayed from my pre-draft plan a few times but I think it balanced out pretty well...not really the team I was expecting to end up with having the 6th pick.
Thoughts/reactions appreciated - leave your link and I'll offer up my thoughts on your post in return.



  • KJMiller127KJMiller127 Posts: 40Member

    you obviously nailed down RBs with your first few picks because you have some good ones. People are saying L. Miller will bounce back this year, but I have my doubts. He could pay off for you though.

    WRs are ok, much better if Welker comes back to form this year, would've been much better if a PPR league. Also a lot hinges on Gronk and his health for you. Luckily there are a decent amount of TEs in the league so you could always get one later if he doesn't work out.

    I also think Ryan is going to bounce back this year.

    Great RBs, Pretty good QBs, decent WR with a lot depending on health at your WR and TE Position.

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  • badams4badams4 Posts: 319Member

    Your Qb is fine.. I think one of them will be top 7 this year if not both. The RB's are both studs!! Murray will be great and who doesnt love Lacy.. Sophomore curse may get to him, but you have talent to back him up..

    WR, I personally hate Cruz, To be honest is may be irrational but he needs some one to play off of.. if he were on a team with a true #1 i would love him!!! He doesnt do well with double teams and isnt as fast as he use to be.. Find someone willing to pop on him and Richardson in a package deal... I think you shouldnt have an issue upgrading him...

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  • mrdaveyhavocmrdaveyhavoc Posts: 12Member

    I think you are a little light on WR but you got some late upside guys that should help, and you have Gronk which makes up a lot of that difference.

    Your RB are great up top obviously, but I think you could use a bit more depth. Not a Richardson believer and Miller is either going to return 2nd-3rd round value or almost none at all, IMO. A good asset though. The same could be said of Michael, albeit for different reasons.

    Your QB platoon is great. Just make sure to mix and match and not fall in love with one or the other.

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