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24-team, Rank these players.

doozdooz Posts: 77Member

24 team league, full dynasty league with contracts. Scoring is essentially standard, with bonus points for big yardage totals.

Would you rather take a flier on J.Dwyer or B.Rainey on 1 year, league minimum contracts, over Quinton Patton (3 years, league min) or R.Helu (1 year, league min contract)?

Here's my offense:

QB - C.Newton, M.Cassel

RB - A.Foster, F.Jackson, J.Grimes, A.Blue, R.Helu, B.Cunningham

WR - B.Marshall, A.Brown, J.Boykin, M.Sanu, Q.Patton

TE - G.Olsen, A.Fasano


  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    That is a nice 24 team league lineup. I'm sure a lot of teams have glaring holes. Your weakest player is Jackson at your RB2. Very nice team. I doubt it but any chance McKinnon is available? I'm sure the FA pool is sparse at best. Are there any other FAs you are contemplating?

  • doozdooz Posts: 77Member

    No, not at the moment. Pickings are slim.

    I am weak at RB, but we only start 1RB in this league with a W-R-T flex, so not too bad if Foster and Jackson stay healthy.

    Thanks for your input!

  • murphysxmmurphysxm Posts: 361Member, Moderator mod

    I think of the players you mentioned, Helu would be my guy. I think he has a chance in this offense to be on the field quite a bit.

  • doozdooz Posts: 77Member

    Yeah, I like Helu, too.

    I was able to pick up Shaun Hill (all starting QBs have value in 24 team league) and Dwyer. Probably will just cut Dwyer again, but at league min, I don't mind holding onto him for a week.

    As much as I like Patton's upside, I think have to cut him for Hill. I'm in a position to win this year, so I'd like an extra level of insurance against Newton sucking/injury.

  • murphysxmmurphysxm Posts: 361Member, Moderator mod

    @dooz I pretty much agree with everything here ^^^^^

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