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Insight on team??

jbmudbonesjbmudbones Posts: 26Member

6 pt all TDs
0.5 ppr
25 pass yards = 1 point
10 rush/rec = 1 point
12 Teams

  1. Jamaal Charles
  2. Matt Forte (keeper)
  3. Antonio Brown
  4. Michael Crabtree
  5. Ray Rice
  6. Wes Welker
  7. Colin Kaepernick
  8. Trent Richardson
  9. Kyle Rudolph
  10. Tony Romo
  11. Terrance Williams
  12. Ruben Randle
  13. Markus Wheaton
  14. Jeremy Hill
  15. Travis Kelce
  16. Dan Bailey

Projected Lineup:
QB: Kaep*, Romo
RB: Charles*, Forte*, Ray Rice, Richardson, Hill
WR: Brown*, Crabtree*, Welker, Wailliams, Randle, Wheaton
Flex: Rice/Welker probably
TE: Rudolph*, Kelce
DEF: Have to add one
K: Bailey

My thoughts:

Not the biggest Kaep fan, idk why. Sharks seem to like him so im hoping!
My TEs may struggle if neither breakout
Questionable picks: Welker (although Ive been reading hes doing well), Richardson (hate him, but he fell so far)

Whatcha think?!?

Top FAs:

RB: Shonn Green, Mccluster, Knile (should prob add him as my handcuff)
WR: Jenings, Hartline, Thompskins, Hester, Kearse, Stevie Johnson
TE: Clay
DEF: Bills, Tex, Steelers, Bears



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