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Does Doug Martin recapture 2012 mojo?

joerod091joerod091 Posts: 99Member

Do you think Doug's numbers will resemble or surpass his 2012 numbers with mike James and their other RB out?


  • slowkidzslowkidz Posts: 14Member

    I don't think so. I just haven't seen much from him yet that would make me think he can accomplish this feat. Take into consideration that this was not the staff who drafted him, and has openly said they want a RBBC to handle the load, I only see DM as a 2 down RB. They will have Rainey pick up the 3rd down and passing situations for his speed and ability. I wouldn't trust DM to move back up into the RB1 tier discussion anymore.

  • runningchocrunningchoc Posts: 1,796Member ✭✭

    Actually Lovie Smith said just the other day that he sees Martin as a bell cow RB. But expecting better numbers than 2012 is pretty high expectations.

  • joerod091joerod091 Posts: 99Member

    Sure, I get what you're saying. And that's definitely believable but Lovie smith has already said that he's the "bell cow" of the team and will run for many yards this season. Lovie smith did coach up matt forte in Chicago and lovie's offensive style is a bit old-school so it consists of a lot of running. Plus, they have a pretty balanced team with v-Jack, mike Evans and mcCown that should lead to a positive running game..right?

  • runningchocrunningchoc Posts: 1,796Member ✭✭

    Did Lovie really "coach up" Forte? I mean, Forte just had his best year as soon as Lovie left...

  • joerod091joerod091 Posts: 99Member

    True, I stand corrected

  • joerod091joerod091 Posts: 99Member

    Although I do think most of the reason why he had his best season of his career was because of Chicagos stacked offense.

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