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1/2 PPR Keeper advice

We carry over 5 players but only 2 can be in the same postion - you can only hold onto a player for 2 years - no penalty to carry over who would you keep out of these?

  • QB - Cutler, McCown,
  • RB - Ellington, A. Foster, S. Stacy, D. Williams, G. Bernard
  • Shorts, Marvin Jones, T. Williams, A. Johnson
    I cut or lost everyone else - who has the most future potential

I was thinking of keeping Cutler, A. Johnson, T. Williams, then 2 RB's but which 2?

Any help woudl be appreciated - Thank you


  • RaiderNationRaiderNation Posts: 61Member

    We also do special points - EX. if a running back throws or catches a TD they get 12 points rather than just 6 - same for QBs and WRs

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    Bernard and A Johnson are the only obvious keepers. Cutler is typically the 10-14th QB drafted so he's just not a great keeper. I guess you have no alternative as you can only keep 2 WRs and 2 RBs and I don't see a TE on your list. T. Williams is your next best option at WR but I'm guessing you are in serious trouble versus the other teams if these are your only options at QB, TE and WR. Your problem is that you have 4 nice RBs and can only keep two. I would keep Foster even though he scares me a little this year. He has the highest ceiling and lowest floor (barring major injury). Ellington is nice but a bit of an unknown and Stacy scares me as his job isn't 100% locked up for the next two years. You have to go with your gut between those three (Foster, Stacy and Ellington). Tough call. Bernard is an easy choice though. If it is allowed by your league you should try to trade two of your RBs to get a better WR keeper than Williams and or a TE or QB. If you don't have a preference between the three mentioned above let your trade partner pick. You shouldn't have any trouble generating interest from other owners.

  • JTsportsguyJTsportsguy Posts: 17Member
    edited August 2014

    For RBs I would keep (1) Foster and (2) Bernard or Ellington. I would not keep both Bernard and Ellington - too similar type of backs, Foster gives you that elite Top 5 RB potential. Bernard is more talented but it may be Ellington who gets more work over the course of the season. The only concern of Ellington is injury risks if he can handle a full workload. Jeremy Hill will be getting 10-12 carries in CIN and will get goal line carries as well, Ellington may have the higher ceiling.

  • RaiderNationRaiderNation Posts: 61Member

    Thanks - I am trying to move one of my RBs for a better WR option

  • andy117andy117 Posts: 86Member

    I'd try to upgrade QB as well.

  • rjwhiterjwhite Posts: 35Member, Expert Writers

    With your special points, I'd lean towards Bernard and Ellington. I think Bernard is your best best, and I'd prefer to have Ellington over Foster in a keeper league anyway. Throw in your 12-point receiving TDs, and it makes me more confident in keeping Ellington, as he should be a passing-game weapon in the red zone. For what it's worth, Foster has never had more than two receiving TDs in a season.

  • andy117andy117 Posts: 86Member

    I agree with @rjwhite‌ on Bernard and Ellington. Try to package Foster and Cutler for a better QB/TE/WR if you can.

  • maddog36maddog36 Posts: 517Member

    You really want to keep Foster at this point? You sure? His load has been too much and he's already injured as it is. Ellington is starting...and honestly is a big play guy himself (don't just discredit his game changing ability). If that's the starter Stacy I can't think of another) - I'd keep Stacy and Ellington (since he's starting), Williams and Johnson at WR, and trade Foster, Bernard, Shorts for a huge upgrade.

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    Hey RaiderNation how are the trade talks going? You should bounce those trade ideas off of all of us. The nice thing about these forums is that we don't all think the exact same way. You'll get several different perspectives which can only help. I think we all get stuck in how we value guys, when at the end of the season those values we had at the beginning of the season are all shot to hell. The fact is we have no idea what is going to happen this season. We can only guess. Let us know what trades you have floating out there. Maybe even list the rosters of some of the teams you are trying to trade with to see if any of us can come up with an interesting trade offer for you. It can't hurt right?

  • RaiderNationRaiderNation Posts: 61Member

    someone offered C. Patterson for A. Ellington - what do you guys think

  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭

    I know there is a lot of hype over Patterson, however I haven't jumped aboard, I think Ellington.

  • RaiderNationRaiderNation Posts: 61Member

    even with all the othe information in cosideration - its a strange keeper league

  • Blake_FincherBlake_Fincher Posts: 660Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    I like both players, but really think holding on to Ellington is the best play.

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