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This is our first offseason in the keeper league I run. 10 teams, standard, can keep 0-5 keepers.

Right now we have a 2 round penalty from where the player was originally drafted the year before. And the penalty accumulates over time if kept, so if I drafted Kelvin Benjamin in the 13th round last year he will become my 11th round pick this year, then my 9th the year after, so on and so on...

  1. The rule I put in place is: If you traded away a draft pick, you can longer have a keeper in that round. So sticking with same example. If I gave up my 11th round pick I could not keep Benjamin at all (unless I acquired another 11th in another trade). Which also means if you have Benjamin and say got Jeremy Hill in a trade (also drafted in 13th round), you could only keep ONE unless you acquired an additional 11th round pick in a trade.

  2. But I was thinking, should i change that rule? Instead of not being able to keep the player at all if you didn't have the appropriate pick, you'd just have to take a 3 round penalty and take Benjamin as your 10th rounder. And for the other scenario of having 2 players that were drafted in the same round, you'd take one in the 11th with the regular 2 round penalty and just take a 3 round penalty for the other (if you don't have more than one 11th rounder)

What would you guys rather if you were in my Keeper League, Rule 1 or Rule 2?


  • srlarsonsrlarson Posts: 682Member ✭✭

    if you have to have one....I would go with # 2......but I am a firm believer especially for keeper leagues..that Auctions work so much better...then elevate the keeper by the $'s to affect the next draft.....In our Keeper ($200 Auction, to keep a player is Last years value + $20) if a pickup then just a flat $20....keeps it simple....that way no way you keep a guy for a lot of years....

  • JGuilbault11JGuilbault11 Posts: 160Member

    Although rule one makes the most sense, as a player I would want the second option. It gets tricky when keepers mean certain picks.

  • JoshShep50JoshShep50 Posts: 191Member, Moderator mod

    I think docking the owner a higher round pick is sufficient to allow them to keep a player, so example two works. Otherwise, I know if I was another owner I'd use rule one as leverage when trying to deal an 11th round pick. Put another way, I'd deal my 11th round pick for a higher pick, even if only by a round or two. And if you're the owner who otherwise couldn't keep Benjamin, wouldn't you give up a 9th pick in trade for an 11th so you could keep him?

  • mikeydub89mikeydub89 Posts: 640Member

    @JoshShep50 yeah I'd definitely work a deal to get an 11th to keep Benjamin. Because Rule #1 is in place as of now, an owner traded away his final round pick (16th) but wanted to keep an undrafted player ---waiver pickups can be kept as 16th round picks --- but could not do so without a 16th Rd pick. So myself, having 2 of them, he offered me Vincent Jackson + 13th Rd pick for Roddy White + 16th Rd pick. So I was able to get a pick 3 rounds higher.

  • murphysxmmurphysxm Posts: 361Member, Moderator mod

    I personally favor rules that allow you more flexibility in keepers. Owners who acquire great value shouldn't be penalized simply because they were drafted in the same round. Go #2

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