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Defensive Rankings

I have seen the Rams up quite a bit, personally think they are higher than they should be. Who are you looking at for defenses this season? Or do you plan on streaming?


  • TexasShooterTexasShooter Posts: 1,806Member, Response Team ✭✭

    Ive streamed my DEF almost every season except the season SEA won the superbowl I rode the all year. I will likey stream again because I will not use a higher pick to grab one untill my last 3 picks. But if the Jets D falls to me there I may ride them all year. That line and secondary are scary.

  • murphysxmmurphysxm Posts: 361Member, Moderator mod

    I will see who the Jets, Bucs or Titans play week 1 and rinse and repeat all season.......

  • TexasShooterTexasShooter Posts: 1,806Member, Response Team ✭✭

    Don't forget the Jags. I like Bortles but I didnt see any real improvement for his offense.

  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭

    I believe the Rams are the real deal on D, they started slow with the new coordinator last year but turned it on down the stretch. As for fantasy value, I am a typical streamer most times, its getting harder as more people are doing the same and some using their WW position for them. Last year I sat and let people use their WW ti get better position with an Avg D.

  • JGuilbault11JGuilbault11 Posts: 160Member

    I am board with streaming, especially against the teams mentioned above. Rams had decent special teams scoring right? I thought they hit on a few returns. Arizona is a team I am liking this season, should be right around the time I like drafting a defense

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    I am a streamer as well, but if I had to pick one defense this year I think the Jets will be REALLY tough to score on. Although they are a perfect example of why I prefer to stream. Crappy QB play and untimely turnovers can completely offset a YPG dominant defense with ease.

  • fantasybearsfantasybears Posts: 30Member

    I might pay attention to the Dolphins D a lot of weeks if streaming. Their line looks like it could be really dominate.

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