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RB-RB-WR Draft Strategy

Regardless of whatever rankings come out, my strategy for the last ten years has been to draft RB's with my first two picks and then go WR. I really love being safe at the RB position. In such a pass happy league, it has become easy to find late round guys in those other positions. Any draft strategies you like to experiment with, or have been relying on?


  • TexasShooterTexasShooter Posts: 1,806Member, Response Team ✭✭

    With me its always best available. Last season I held #2 in 12team and went Peterson/Julio/Gronk

  • murphysxmmurphysxm Posts: 361Member, Moderator mod

    I don't agree with locking myself into having to draft a certain position at any given time. There are only a handful of RB's I'd draft over the first tier of WR's and Gronk.

  • Blake_FincherBlake_Fincher Posts: 660Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    I tend to draft backs early, but again, I don't lock myself into any position.

  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭
    edited May 2015

    I go with the best players and typically my first 4 picks are some combination of 2 WRs and 2 RBs. Then maybe a TE and more WR/RBs, and a QB in the 8th or so, last year I grabbed Big Ben in the 10th. I think this year I might wait until later and grab Brady later than the 10th and stream QBs for a bit... Not sure tho

  • larryg6969larryg6969 Posts: 7Member

    It depends on league most of my leagues are same guys for several years so I can have idea what they will do in my biggest league the guys are early QB pickers so I have to go with flow or be shut out usually get Matty Ice or Stafford about 4th round my first pick I want super stud last 4 years megatron twice Jimmy graham once and CJ 2k once won once with megatron once with CJ 2K

  • JGuilbault11JGuilbault11 Posts: 160Member

    @Blue Big Ben in the 10th was a steal last year.

    I am a big fan of drafting late QB's, had Andrew Luck on most of my teams, and got him in 6th+ rounds of each.

  • JGuilbault11JGuilbault11 Posts: 160Member

    @TexasShooter Ugh Peterson.. lol such a waste of a pick last season.

  • TexasShooterTexasShooter Posts: 1,806Member, Response Team ✭✭
    edited May 2015

    Losing Peterson and forcing me to make a hoooooorrible trade for Gio almost derailed my season.I was the waiver king last season and ended up taking home the ship.

    But yea I think you can end up screwing yourself if you make yourself draft a certain position in each round. Always look and take the best player available for your league.

  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭

    6th was and is a steal for Luck, I am not a big QB fan, but could see taking him in the 5th or 6th if he is out there, otherwise typically to expensive for me. With the future QB's it could start making more sense to grab QBs early for me.

  • larryg6969larryg6969 Posts: 7Member

    Guys don't have specific strategy in mind always let draft come to you

  • mikeydub89mikeydub89 Posts: 640Member

    Last year I tried the zero-RB strategy and went with Dez & AJ in rounds 1 & 2. "Can you guys hear me?! I'm down in the basement!!!" Anyways it set me up nicely for Year 2 of this keeper league haha and I won't be doing the zero-RB strategy again

  • ChibearsChibears Posts: 164Member

    I have gone the RB-RB-WR route for years now but am giving some thought this year to going different if I pick late. Thinking if I can't get top RB with 1st pick (Lacy, AP, Skittles, JC, Le'Veon), then I might go WR-WR-RB-RB....some form of Dez, Julio, Megatron, DeMaryius, A. Brown with 1st 2 picks and then follow up with some combination of Gore, JStew, Latavius, Alfred, Ingram or Gordon with 3rd and 4th. Maybe I'm losing my mind. :)

  • srlarsonsrlarson Posts: 682Member ✭✭

    been doing some mocks...very different on yahoo vs espn....but lots of WR2 &3.....but if you don't get a 1...the scenario I am falling into in snake drafts in RB, WR, RB, RB, RB.....then filling in later...need to get 3-4 solid Rb's between veterans and rookies.....because after about 20 are's a pile of junk!! then end up with decent WR's and try to get a bunch of WR 3's.....

  • slibertysliberty Posts: 320Member

    I went WR WR RB last year and it worked out great really depends...if one of the top backs are available then yes you draft him. But last year I drafted Megatron and Julio Jones before a RB and was able to snag Foster in the third.

    I think there is going to be plenty of RBs depth in the 3rd and 4th Round like Hyde, Gordon, Miller, etc.

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