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Drafting help.

Doing another PPR league that I have been in for a couple years now. It's a redraft league with no keepers and I have the 10th pick overall, in a 12 team league. I was looking for some input of what position should I go after for picks 10 and then 14 on the wraparound. Any thoughts or strategies? I'm interested. Also if you give me some pointers, I'll respond with honest opinions if anyone else had concerns or questions.


  • AutodraftAutodraft Posts: 24Member

    I first would not go into the draft with a set guy. I have seen a top 5 RB or top 3 WR fall. Who ever falls is who I take. My ranking goes McCoy, Charles, Forte, Peterson, Calvin, Thomas, Graham, Lacy, Bryant, Manning. Whoever falls to you is who i'd take. I usually lean towards RB's first since WR and QB are so deep this year.

  • AutodraftAutodraft Posts: 24Member

    at 14, I would again take best available. Then you can build from there. Go into it with your top 14. First 2 - 3 rounds is about best available to me.

  • EaglesEagles Posts: 43Member
    edited August 2014

    I was in the same spot you are a few days ago. I was able to go WR (Thomas) and RB (Murray) in the first two rounds. I was able to come back and go RB & WR in rounds 3 and 4. Picked a TE at 6 cuz just best player available imo. Was able to get a QB at pick 74.

    I know it was just a misprint but be sure to have 15 guys ranked cuz your pick in rd 2 is #15 not 14.

    I know all drafts are different but in my draft the players went like this to give an idea what might be available

    Round 1- 7 rbs. 3 wrs, 1 qb, 1 te
    Round 2- 6 rbs, 4 wrs, 2 qb
    Round 3- 4 rbs, 7 wrs, 1 te
    Round 4 (before my pick at 4.3) 1 rb, 1 wr

    My #1 suggestion would be to know before hand what you are going to do with Manning and Graham in rd 1. If Manning or Graham are there at #10 are you going to pick them or go best RB, WR. In round 2 if Manning is still there at pick #15 will you take him or not? Know the answer to those questions before the draft so you don't have to make that decision while the clock is ticking. Same thing in round 3 and 4. At pick 34 if Brees or Rodgers is there do you want to take a QB then or wait?

  • clatch97clatch97 Posts: 147Member

    Probably wr/wr.the top 5 rbs will be gone and you can get an ok option usually in the 3rd.u should be able to get 2 very solid will end up slightly weak at rb so you will want 1 or 2 upside type guys on your bench.or backups to guys you think will get hurt

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    Agree with the rest. Can't pre commit. However, my experience is that I like the elite WRs at the end of the first and early 2nd over the 2nd tier RBs. Vereen might come back to you in the 3rd and there are other RBs I like that fall later. Unless one of the big 5 RBs falls to you (unlikely) I'd take the two best WRs on your cheat sheet. Dez and Julio would be an awfully nice start. Or something like that.

  • cls31scls31s Posts: 20Member

    I like trying to get at least 1 RB in the first 2 rounds and 2 in the first 3 rounds, but for Full PPR, WR-WR may not be a bad choice, given those guys will probably end up being 2 of the top 5 WR. They will be good trade bait later on - so definitely best available...imo.

    The reason I usually try to get a RB is because that position is not as deep and teams are spreading the ball to more running backs nowadays. So if you miss out, you'll have to take an alternate route. Its not to say that Lynch, Murray, or Ball won't be there. These guys are really good backs on decent teams and deserve late first round consideration. Although you probably don't want a Dez/Murray combo or Demaryius/Ball combo, but if it happens it happens...

    I am expecting Manning to regress from last years historical run, and it is my belief that top guys don't do as well the following year - not to say they will fall off the face of the earth, but they are generally game planned better against. Teams that take a TE in the first round also historically don't bode well.

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