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Big trade decision which includes Drew Brees and Demaryius Thomas. Deadline is Thursday!!!!!!

OK, well first off I've already clinched the playoffs and I'll be going in as the #3 or #4 spot, so I will not get a first round bye like I was hoping. Anyways, I've been offered Drew Brees, Greg Olsen, and Julian Edelman for my Demaryius Thomas. My lineup is below, so let me know what you think and why. Remember the trade deadline is Thursday, so I have to move quickly on this. I told him I'd have a decision for him tomm afternoon.

  • (QB1) Matt Ryan
  • (QB2) Josh McCown
  • (RB1) Andre Ellington
  • (RB2) Rashad Jennings
  • (RB3) Denard Robinson
  • (RB4) Joique Bell
  • (RB5) Jerrick McKinnon
  • (WR1) Demaryius Thomas
  • (WR2) Randall Cobb
  • (WR3) Josh Gordon
  • (WR4) Reggie Wayne
  • (TE1) Larry Donnell
  • (TE2) Coby Fleener
  • (D/ST) 49ers
  • (K) Cody Parkey

I'm really stuck on making this decison, being that I would be coming off the one of the best WRs in fantasy, but it would upgrade my QB, and I've looked at Brees's remaining schedule and it's as is (@Pitt, Car, @Chi, Atl) and that's a pretty soft schedule IMO. It would also upgrade my TE position, being that both Donnell and Fleener are so up and down. Currently I'm running DT and Cobb at my WR positions and Gordon at my flex, but if I made the trade, I could run Cobb and Gordon at my WR positions and a RB at flex depending on matchup. What do you guys think?


  • TilDaRivaTilDaRiva Posts: 618Member
  • TilDaRivaTilDaRiva Posts: 618Member
  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    Boy that is a really tough call. Yes Brees has an amazing playoff schedule but Ryan's isn't terrible either. His only tough match up is this weekend with ARI and you don't need him this week. After that he has @GB, PIT, @NO. All are juicy and all should be high scoring games. Plus two are in a dome. That's always a bonus this time of year. So would I rather have Brees than Ryan... yes. Is it a HUGE upgrade no.

    Now the TE upgrade is really nice. That's the key to the trade in my eyes. Donnell and Fleener are boom or bust options. Olsen is a rock solid TE and would be a great addition to your team.

    However, the downgrade from Thomas to your fill in flex is gigantic. Thomas to either Robinson, Bell, McKinnon or Edelman is potentially devastating. If it is a PPR league the drop to Edelman is bad but he's been pretty solid the past three weeks. If you think he will keep that pace up and it's a PPR then you could consider doing the deal. But I feel Edelman is a boom or bust option in PPR and you are trading one of those problems for another.

    If it is a standard league, you are likely to flex one of the RBs the rest of the way and all of them are nice but could kill you in a given week as well.

    If it were my team I would stay put. It's a good offer but I just don't want to let Thomas go. Besides, DEN is the Monday night game week 16 (everyone's super bowl) and how fun is it to have him in your back pocket if you are in the title game. You could be down 40 points in a PPR league and still have a shot at winning.

    Does he have a need at RB2 and another TE option on his bench? If one of your bench RBs fills a need for him, maybe you could give him one or two for Olsen. He isn't likely to jump on that but it doesn't hurt to try. If his bench TE is better than yours but worse than Olsen maybe you can get him cheap? If has no bench TE you could give him one or both of your TEs on top of the RB(s). Just thinking out loud.

  • winner829winner829 Posts: 156Member

    I would take this trade, I just parted with DT myself but I was able to upgrade multiple spots on my roster doing so, kind of the same situation with you. By doing this you will also still have Cobb and Gordon going forward which is a nice 1 2 punch at WR.

    Brees is a huge upgrade at QB, especially with his schedule going forward.

    Olsen is also a nice upgrade, he's had some rough weeks as of recent but he's still top 5 TE in my opinion. It's not like Cam has a whole lot of options to throw to down field.

    Edelman gets a ton of targets from Brady and I think he could be a sold flex play for the team moving forward. You could also maybe start Robinson in the flex if he has a good matchup that week.

    In the process of trading DT away I was able to pick up Sanders in his place. This is just my opinion, but I personally think Sanders will have better numbers in the playoffs than DT. Surely teams aren't going to repeat what happened last week and allow him to get WIDE open 3 times for TD's. Also, if you look back at the pattern in earlier games it was like either one or the other had the big week. One game Peyton will look more towards Sanders and then the next week it will be DT. Somewhat of a toss up if you ask me, no doubt though that DT has tremendous talent and is one of if not the best in the league.

  • stopswaggytacostopswaggytaco Posts: 14Member

    I'd say no. DT is top 2 receiver. He has potential to get 40pts. You're trading him for Brees + Olsen. Edelman you won't even use so even though he's good, ignore.

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