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Alright, here's my situation. It's a keeper league where the keeper will replace your pick for the round you picked him in the year before. Ex: If i got him in the 2nd, he would be my 2nd round pick this year. It is a .5 PPR league and both of my options would be great for that very reason. I have the 12th pick in a 14 team snake draft.

Option 1
Jamaal Charles - 2nd Round

My fear for JC is that he lost 3 OL from last year so the running holes may not be as big and production may decline because he has hit that dreaded age of 27 when RB's start to decline.

Option 2
Lesean McCoy - 1st Round

My fear for LM is that Sproles is in the mix and would steal some touches from McCoy.

Any help would be appreciated and I will be happy to help in return.


  • Delhomme17Delhomme17 Posts: 113Member

    These guys are neck and neck for the top RB spot on most draft boards. If you can't decide and think you'll get equal production, keep the cheaper guy--ie: Charles.

  • andy117andy117 Posts: 86Member

    Keep the cheaper guy.

  • dolfin99dolfin99 Posts: 36Member, Moderator, Response Team mod

    I agree, Charles is the keeper here. I agree their stats will be very close, but all things equal, I still like Charles. I am a fan of how Reid uses his RB and in PPR ... stud. I doubt we will see 70 receptions this season, but he won't be far off.

  • sphsmh1120sphsmh1120 Posts: 5Member

    I would also keep Charles

  • fuzzeemonkeyfuzzeemonkey Posts: 26Member

    What everyone else says is right. These guys are likely picks 1 and 2 in most leagues so the value is with Charles. What's your draft order? Perhaps you end up with both again.

  • BeakwyattBeakwyatt Posts: 3Member

    Thanks guys. I guess I was just over thinking my options. Should have been clear to keep Charles in the first place. :-) Not likely that I would get McCoy again as I will have the 12th pick in the 1st round.

  • murphysxmmurphysxm Posts: 361Member, Moderator mod

    If you have pick 12, Charles is only cheaper by 4 slots, which too me is irrelevant. Pick the guy you prefer. They are both great options

  • DeeToiDeeToi Posts: 219Member

    Murphy brings up a good point. Almost a wash. I would lean toward Shady, personally. I just like his game more, and wouldn't put too much stock into Sproles affecting his production.

    Help with mine?

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    I've found murphysxm has made several very good points in multiple discussions. The four pick difference is nothing. Take whichever RB you rank higher on your draft sheet. For me I'd prefer Shady, but I think arguments can be made for both. There are several for my logic to go with McCoy agree or not. He's bigger so it might help with day to day punishment, I doubt KCs O-line changes make a huge difference but I don't think they are better than last year and I think PHI will score more. Can't say it for certain but that's my gut. All three are very minor differences and they could all be incorrect assumptions in the end. The big piece to me is the playoff schedule. If you don't take that into consideration every year you are doing fantasy leagues incorrectly. You MUST assume you are going to make the playoffs. If you are in rooms like this you are already ahead of most of the guys in your league I assure you. So looking at weeks 14-16 match ups is key (assuming those are your playoff weeks). If you play with a bye in your league for the first round, you must once again be a little egotistical and assume you will get a bye and put a little more weight on the week 15 and 16 matchups. So let's look at them for these two stud RBs.

    Charles @ARI,OAK,@PIT. ARI defense is a solid defense (but hopefully that is your bye) and OAK is a dream match up. PIT is somewhere in between. Not great not terrible. They are getting a little younger on that side of the ball so they are difficult to predict. Regardless OAK is dreamy and gives Charles a nice chance of moving you on to the championship match up week 16.

    McCoy SEA,DAL,@WSH. SEA is a terrible match up but it's at home which helps a ton. You do not want to go to SEA in the playoffs for any of your key starters if it is avoidable. I'm talking to you SF offensive players. However DAL and WAS are even juicier than OAK. If you can get by SEA (hopefully your bye for kicking butt all year) you couldn't ask for a better schedule.

    Factor all of that in and McCoy is the pick in my book. Slide down the four picks required with your first pick and go with McCoy.

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