How far is too far to let one of the top 3 QBs fall?

I'm picking 7th in a 12 team, 2 player keeper (0.5 PPR) which means I'll be picking 7th and 17th overall. I'm obviously not going to be taking a QB at 7, but by the time I hit my second pick a couple of the keepers will account for players ranked in the top 20.

Question is: Do I take one of the big 3? I'm assuming Peyton will be gone at this point (although it's actually possible he's not, my league is actually composed of smart FF owners). But I'm pretty sure one of if not both of Brees and Rodgers are still there at that point. Because of missing keepers, I'm likely looking at guys like Cruz, Mathews or (maybe) Spiller at this point.

Advice would be appreciated.

Note: I'm keeping Jennings and Stacy for a 14th and 9th rounder respectively, so I'm not desperate to get a RB in the first 2 rounds and don't need to reach. I'll likely be getting either Calvin or Jimmy at the 7 spot.


  • gbell217gbell217 Posts: 123Member

    I jump on either at 2.6 in a 2 keeper league. How can Calvin and Jimmy both be available that late in a PPR? They should be kept or top 5

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    yes be open to a qb in round 2...with Rb's solid, your other choices none i would take over any of the three qb's

  • yetiboyyetiboy Posts: 66Member

    None of the top 5 RB, Calvin or Jimmy were possible keepers with the rules we use, so one of those 7 will be mine at #7 (NOT in the second round, wasn't clear about that in my OP). Based on what the owners in front of me are keeping, in all likelihood the top 5 RB will go 1-5 and then either Calvin or Jimmy, leaving me with the other.

  • clatch97clatch97 Posts: 147Member

    Matthew stafford could be in line for a huge season.they have new oc from saints and also picked up golden Tate.just something to consider....maybe hope to grab him with ur 3rd pick? And if not,of course there are other solid options after.i wouldn't leave out of the question picking an rb up in there somewhere,at least if someone falls to you who could always make a trade later on....not sure how confident you should be with Jennings and Stacy

  • yetiboyyetiboy Posts: 66Member

    If someone really falls to me I'll definitely jump on them, but given the guys I'm picking with I'm not expecting any reasonable RB to be around for pick 2. You're right, I'm not 100% confident in Stacy and Jennings, but I'm happy enough with them that I won't go reaching for RB if I don't need to. And your point about Stafford is exactly why I'm stewing over this - I know there are a ton of QBs that are more than good enough down the line so I don't really want to take one of the top 3. I just don't know if there will be anyone by the time it comes around to me round 2 that will legitimately be a better pick than Brees or Rodgers, and I hate it.

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    After reading more of these,most of your comments are exactly as I would say or think.its almost pointless to comment anything further because you're probably already thinking the same as me lol....but anyways I think if one of the three fall to you at ur second pick,in a 12 team 2 keeper league that would be a good value.also,being that you're league is made up of smart owners (like us) maybe it'd be a good idea to get one of em at ur second pick because everyone else may be waiting on them because it is ideal.what I'm saying is when will they jump on qbs?.....what if you wait one round too long and there they go....qb qb qb in the 6th or so,and the guys you like least if you got one of "the three" you don't have to worry about thing to do is probably wait and see how it all goes down,if you don't like anyone at ur 2nd pick,hit the three.if someone comes to you that you can't believe,take them and grab your qb later

  • yetiboyyetiboy Posts: 66Member

    Bah, I was afraid someone was going to say that, damn logic is too sound. I still don't like taking a QB round 2 though :)

  • yetiboyyetiboy Posts: 66Member

    So after agonizing over this for days, I ended up in exactly the situation I was expecting - having to choose between QB and WR. Except I didn't expect to have to include Manning in the decision. Had to pick between Manning, Brees (I already had Graham in the first, everyone loves combos!) and Alshon. Ended up taking Alshon, just too deep at QB and can't let a stud go, especially one I had on my roster last year and loved having. I managed to get Ryan MUCH later, so it ended up working out well.

    Thanks for all the input guys, it really helped.

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    Too early to tell if it worked out well, right? If Payton throws for 5,500 yards again and drops to 39 TDs and Ryan throws for 3,500 and 30 TDs, did you make the right decision?

    I've got the #9 in a 10 teamer and I think I could easily get D. Thomas and Dez with my first two picks. But I might roll with Manning and Thomas. Passing TDs are the same amount of points as receiving TDs in my league and we have a $25 bonus each week for high score. With Manning and Thomas teaming up, I can envision a few high scores in the season. I've mocked this and ended up with Ellington and Stacy at RB which I'm comfortable with.

  • yetiboyyetiboy Posts: 66Member

    Fair enough, there's likely going to be a pretty sizeable difference between Manning and Ryan - but there's also likely to be a sizeable difference between Jeffery and whatever was still around at that time too. I know I'm going to cringe every time Manning lights it up, but I think in the long run I made the smarter choice.

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