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$50 yahoo/leaguesafe. auction draft. $1 auction money = 25 cents real buyin.

pesmerga87pesmerga87 Posts: 4Member

I'm Putting together a football league where your buy in equates to the amount of money you spend during the auction draft. (25cents real money for every $1 auction money)
So, You can decide if you want to build a team for the $4.25 minimum and try to beat the big boys or spend up to the $50 maximum for the best chance to win.
Please check out the info below and email me at if you're interested.

This is how it's going to work:
-Everyone buys in for $50 via league safe.
-We'll do the auction draft via yah0o, with a budget of $200 auction dollars. (Draft is going to be 8/24/14. date is locked. Currently 7:30 EST, but time may change.)
-Every $1 auction money spent during the draft is 25 cents of real money from your $50 that goes into the pot. (your total buy-in could be anywhere from $4.25-$50)
-We'll play out the year.
-At the end of year everyone gets paid 25 cents for every dollar they didn't spend of their budget during the draft.
-The pot will be split 60/30/10% to the managers that finish 1st-3rd respectively. (Obviously pot value depends on how the draft unfolds)

Roster Positions: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, W/R/T, K, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN
Passing Yards 25 yards per point
Passing Touchdowns 4
Interceptions -1
Rushing Yards 10 yards per point
Rushing Touchdowns 6
Receptions .5
Reception Yards 10 yards per point
Reception Touchdowns 6
Return Yards 50 yards per point
Return Touchdowns 6
2-Point Conversions 2
Fumbles Lost -2
Offensive Fumble Return TD 6

Field Goals 0-19 Yards 1
Field Goals 20-29 Yards 1
Field Goals 30-39 Yards 1
Field Goals 40-49 Yards 1
Field Goals 50+ Yards 1
Field Goals Missed 0-19 Yards -.5
Point After Attempt Made .5

Sack 1
Interception 2
Fumble Recovery 2
Touchdown 6
Safety 2
Block Kick 2
Return Yards 50 yards per point
Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns 6
Points Allowed 0 points 9
Points Allowed 1-6 points 6
Points Allowed 7-13 points 3
Points Allowed 14-20 points 1
Points Allowed 21-27 points 0
Points Allowed 28-34 points -1
Points Allowed 35+ points -4
Defensive Yards Allowed - Negative 2


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