Keeper league. Was offered a trade to receive Rodgers and give Martin. WHIR!!!

I can keep up to two players. The players I keep can be kept for the previous round that they were drafted last year. For example. I drafted Jordy Nelson last year in round 5. This year I keep him as my fourth round pick. So here is my team by round they can be kept:

Start: 1QB, 2RBs, 2WRs, 1TE, 1Flex, K, D. 6pts for all TD's. 1 pt per 10 yards for WR/RB. 25 Yards for QB.

  1. J Graham
  2. D. Martin
  3. M Ryan
  4. J Nelson
  5. P Garcon
  6. T Romo
  7. Thompkins
  8. Ballard
  9. Pierce
  10. J Bell
  11. Finley
  12. Ravens D
  13. Prater
  14. Giants
  15. Helu

My plan as of now was to keep Graham in round 1 and Nelson in Round 4. However I was just offered His Aaron Rodgers and his fourth round pick, for my Doug Martin and 3rd round pick.

I took 3rd last year so I have the 10th pick in the first round, snake style.

So if I kept Graham and Nelson, I'd still have my 2nd and 3rd picks. If I take this trade I could do two things. I could keep Graham in Round 1 and Rodgers in Round two and have two picks in round 4 (he has the 8th pick). Or keep Rodgers in round 1 and Nelson in Round 4, have my 2nd round pick and his 4th round pick.

What do I do?! I'm in a rut. I've never done anything where picks were involved in trades before! WHIR as always!


  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    I would take the Rodgers and Graham. That give you two top 3 players at their respective positions and then you can probably get great value picks in the 4th round.

  • therobsclubtherobsclub Posts: 11Member

    I made a mistake. He actually has the first pick of the draft meaning I would get the last pick of round 4. Ya that's what I was thinking as well. And I wouldn't have to wait too long as I would have the 3rd pick of round 4.

  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    That's not to bad, I haven't mocked enough to know the later round picks but WR and RBs will be there for sure. They may not be the elite level. But maybe a Victor Cruz or Roddy White drops that low.

  • therobsclubtherobsclub Posts: 11Member

    Any other thoughts?

  • fuzzeemonkeyfuzzeemonkey Posts: 26Member

    I'm not a fan of keeping Graham at a 1st round pick. Yes, he is elite at his position but if you were doing a fresh draft are you taking him in the 1st again? Rodgers at 1 and Nelson at 4 seems like the better value to me.

  • andy117andy117 Posts: 86Member

    @therobsclub‌ have you considered keeping Garcon? I wouldn't hesitate to trade Martin for Rodgers either. I'd try to do it without the pick swap though. I think Martin is a bit overrated due to that 250 yd 4td game in 2012. Otherwise his rookie season was nice but not spectacular and he was ordinary until he got hurt last season.

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    I would pass on the trade simply because you already have better keeper options. I love Rodgers this year but he is a 2nd round pick and one I wouldn't make due to QB depth. I would NOT keep Graham even though we all love him, the value just isn't there. You have very good odds of getting him anyway or something even better holding onto your 1st round pick. Nelson in the 4th is obvious and I personally would keep Bell in the 10th. Great value there. He is a 5th rounder in most drafts. He gives you a ton of flexibility in the draft too. Now you don't have to force an RB2 but if a good one falls to you in the 2nd or 3rd round move Bell to your flex. If not feel good about taking a stud WR, QB or TE in those rounds and roll with Bell as your RB2. Garcon as mentioned by andy117 is also good value but you get more bang for your keeper round value with J. Bell. Nelson, Bell and your 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks. That's a solid team.

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