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Who should I. Keep

I am in a 12 team keeper league. $300 starting salary. Not sure who I should keep. I'd like some input. Can only pick two keepers.

IMO I would keep Montee Ball and Marshall then I would start with $208 dollars just not 100 sold on Ball.

Cam Newton- $35

  • Montee Ball- $21
  • Brandon Marshall- $71
  • Dez Byrant- $78
  • Frank Gore- $48
  • Roddy White- $45
  • Antonio Gates -$10
  • Percy Harvin- $10

Answer me and I'll respond to any of your questions.


  • Delhomme17Delhomme17 Posts: 113Member

    I'd keep Ball for sure. I'm with you re: not being 100% sold on him, but at that price he's a fantastic bargain. Unless he gets hurt or is absolutely awful, you've got yourself a hell of a steal.

    A few schools of thought regarding your second keeper:

    1) Make Harvin your second keeper. He's super cheap, so if he can stay healthy you have an incredible value pick. Elite WR1 PPR upside and high-end WR2/low-end WR1 upside in standard. Even if he goes down again, his cost is basically nothing and you'll have plenty of cap room to go after studs. Try to get Dez and Marshall back for cheaper than their current prices.

    2) If your league bids up WR's like crazy and Dez and Marshall's current prices are already "cheap" by elite WR standards, take your pick and keep one of those two. I'm partial to Dez, but it's tough to go wrong.

    3) What do QB prices look like? At first glance--and this is extrapolating from my $200 cap league--Cam looks like a really cheap. Keep him, then try to get your stud receivers back.

  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    All of the top 5 QBs I'd say would go for $60 plus. In the league I am in the WRs usually go for a lot, but this year I see a lot of the other managers paying top dollar for RBs

    I wanted to keep Marshall just on the fact he is one of the safest WRs out there. I deff like ball though even though I drafted him last year thinking he would break out.

  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    But I agree with you on Harvin. I love Percy. He just scares me because he is so fragile. But for $10 you are right it's nothing.

  • Delhomme17Delhomme17 Posts: 113Member

    Cam has been a top-5 QB every year he's been in the league, so if QB's go for that much I would keep Cam. Even if he's not top-5 again this year, can you grab someone better for cheaper? Given the info you've provided, I would guess not.

    That would mean $56 would be tied up between Cam and Ball. Pretty good when you consider that both guys have top-5 ceilings and very high floors. That leaves you with plenty of cash to to after an elite WR or two. If you can Marshall and Dez back at their current prices or cheaper, great. If you have to spend a few bucks more, though, don't sweat it. You'd almost certainly have to spend an additional $10 (and probably more) over your keeper prices to get a QB and RB of Cam and Ball's quality on the open market.

  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    I want cam but he has less weapons than he did last year plus coming off of ankle surgery. I'm thinking of Harvin and Ball for a combined $31 dollars. I never go crazy for QB but I could spend on a Bree's or Rodgers. Or just get a low value pick with Brady because in the $200 auction he is only valued at 4 bucks.

    If I could pay under $20 for Brady it would be worth it. Or even a Kaepernick or RG3

  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    In my league we draft 3 WR instead of the standard

    So I can keep Harvin and Ball for cheap and maybe go after two more big name WR. Like a Marshall and Green then spend my remaining budget on a good RB or QB.

    This is so tough lol

  • andy117andy117 Posts: 86Member

    I wouldn't keep Marshall or Dez at that price. I'd go with Harvin and if he's productive at all you've got yourself a nice bargain.

  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    The only thing that scares me about Harvin is that he has never played more than 600 snaps in a season and doesn't have 1000 yard receiving in a season. He is very fragile but I guess at that price it doesn't matter because I could just go get another top WR

  • Delhomme17Delhomme17 Posts: 113Member

    @Lyons91 said:
    I want cam but he has less weapons than he did last year plus coming off of ankle surgery. I'm thinking of Harvin and Ball for a combined $31 dollars. I never go crazy for QB but I could spend on a Bree's or Rodgers. Or just get a low value pick with Brady because in the $200 auction he is only valued at 4 bucks.

    If I could pay under $20 for Brady it would be worth it. Or even a Kaepernick or RG3

    Check out my post here re: Cam. I think he'll be the same stud he's always been, and you've got him at a great discount to market. Harvin is also a great keeper. The more I think about it, the more confident I am that you should let Dez and Marshall go to the open market. Ball + Cam or Ball + Harvin.

  • fuzzeemonkeyfuzzeemonkey Posts: 26Member

    I'd keep Ball and White at those prices. Moreno is gone and Ball will have his breakout season this year. White started the season injured and it made him undervalued for this year. He ended on a strong note and I see him getting back on track. This leaves you plenty of cash to bid up on some of the other top tier WR again to solidify your roster.

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    I too like White this year. However, he will come at a discount so although his price is really nice compared to the big two, you might still get a discount throwing him back in. He may go for more than $45 but if his name is thrown out late enough he might not when teams start getting tight with $. It's worth letting him go to find out. Ball is a lock keeper and Harvin in a 3 WR league is rock solid too. I get the Cam argument but 3 WRs leagues get real shallow real fast if its a 12 or more team league and you will have a better 3rd WR than most teams with Percy and you got him for $10. You should feel great about Ball and Harvin at their prices.

  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    I like the name indeed lol. I agree it's just I'm afraid of the injury concern with Harvin but for $10 I guess if he were to get hurt it doesn't hurt much. I agree with both of you guys on White too. He was healthy the final 4-5 weeks and put up 18 plus each of those weeks.

    Montee Ball I know for sure I'm keeping. I guess it's down to Harvin or White. I just think white would go for cheaper than 45 due to his struggles last year but I could be wrong. I have a lot of thinking to do

  • Delhomme17Delhomme17 Posts: 113Member
    edited August 2014

    Keep Harvin over White all day at those prices. $45 in your league is $30 in a $200 cap league, which is probably a tad high for Roddy based on what I've read/seen. I think you can get him back for cheaper than his keeper value. I'm a huge fan of Roddy, too, but he ain't the guy to keep here.

    You will, for certain, not get anyone close to Harvin's talent level for $10. I can virtually guarantee that you won't be able to find a better use of that cap space than on Percy. If he gets hurt, he gets hurt; it's only $10.

    Don't overthink this one, my man. ;)

  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    It's just you know there is always that one person in your league trying to sway your opinion lol.

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    I feel you on the Harvin concern. I have him on my dynasty team and late as a keeper option in my redraft league. I think I am going to throw him back in the redraft and keep someone else of slightly less value just because he scares me too. I don't want two teams to get stung should he go down.

    For you it is simple. For $10, if he only plays half a season you still got a great deal right? If you are really scared of him, keep him and trade him a few weeks in when everyone starts to see the Percy of old juking his was to 60 yard TDs. Problem solved right? Let's just pray he doesn't go down in the first few weeks. You can bet your ass I'm moving him in my dynasty league if he gets off to a hot start and I can get someone good for him.

  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    Would it be better to just keep Roddy White then, he played through the high ankle sprain last year. When he got through that he came back to how he really could be in the final 4 weeks, plus Julio Jones is back and he would only cost me $45 bucks, which is on the threshold of how much I would spend on him in a $300 auction. At worst he is my WR 2 because I plan to have two number 1 WR with white or Harvin

  • rjwhiterjwhite Posts: 35Member, Expert Writers

    If it were me, I'd keep Ball and Harvin. Look at it this way: Even if you have to overpay to get one of your top two WRs back (Marshall/Bryant), it's not going to be by much. Are they going to go for $80? $85? If for some reason the price skyrockets, can you pick up a quality WR1 like Antonio Brown or Jordy Nelson for $70 or $75?

    Be sure to understand that you're going to be paying top dollar for your WR1, whoever he is, but you're not going to find a quality WR2 for $10 at any point in the auction. By using that much of your cap space on a high-priced keeper, you prevent yourself the chance to gain value with the Harvin pick, which lessens your odds of coming out of the auction with the best possible team. One of Marshall/Bryant/Brown/Nelson/Green for $80-$85 and a $10 Harvin is a much better one-two punch for your team than a $71 Marshall and a $35-40 White/A.Johnson/Garcon/Cruz considering how much more it would cost.

    You also don't have to blow the bank on an RB1 if you don't want, since you'll have Ball at a nice price. You can grab a top WR1 for up to $80 and build up a good QB and quality RB and WR depth with 4-6 guys in the $25 to $40 range before filling out the bench, or you can splurge on a couple guys if you can find a few good sleepers you think will be on your team at a good value.

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    Yeah I see your point, but you can always just re-buy White. You will not get Harvin for $10 though. I guess the question is what you you be willing to pay for Harvin if he wasn't a keeper option? Would you bid on him at $20? $25? If yes, then that means you could spend $55-$60 on White and break even. Or you could spend $55-$60 on a better WR than White and come out ahead. Obviously you could spend that extra money many different ways but I'm trying to give a simple equation to work with. If the answer is "no I wouldn't bid $20 on Harvin", then you should definitely throw Harvin back because you definitely have no faith in him. Which is understandable. Let him be a risk/reward pick for someone else. Personally I would keep Harvin over White. I think I would keep Cam over White as well. But that one is much closer.

  • Lyons91Lyons91 Posts: 101Member

    Antonio Briwn and Jordy Nelson are both being kept by other teams. I co own a team with a kid new to fantasy football so we are having a back and forth discussion on it. I have faith in Harvin and for $10 I can't go wrong.

    Like you said its a safe pick on Harvin it's just I hate trading to other teams because I always seem to trade away great players lol. I just don't see Harvin staying healthy all year. But I have been wrong before.

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    I co owned once. It was a miserable year. Everyone likes different guys for different reasons so we both had to make concessions and neither of us really liked our team.

  • ManningUpManningUp Posts: 3Member

    Hey guys, I need a little guidance here. I'm in a 12 team league with an auction draft. Our budget is $200 and I have the following players to choose from for my two keepers:

    Russell Wilson - $38
    Andrew Luck - $23
    DeSean Jackson - $18
    Victor Cruz - $33
    Marshawn Lynch - $34
    Matt Forte - $39
    Rob Gronkowski - $20
    Wes Welker - $18

    Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks guys!

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    Forte at $39 is a solid deal in a $200 league. I'd expect he would be in the $60's but it all depends on how your league historically bids on the elites. He's a lock keeper. I don't love Lynch this year, but at $33 he is hard to resist. You have two RB1s locked and loaded. The only other one that could slide into the conversation is Gronk. But there are a lot of TEs this year that you can get dirt cheap in an auction. The same is not true for RB.

  • ManningUpManningUp Posts: 3Member

    Indeed, thanks very much for the reply. I realized that posting my question here may not have been the best idea so I started a new thread!

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