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Tons of Risk - 12 Team PPR

scottywaz9scottywaz9 Posts: 17Member

So the way this draft fell, I just kept taking risky players. And I'm really scared of my team.

RB Demarco Murray
RB Ray Rice
WR Calvin Johnson
WR Kennan Allen
TE Zach Ertz
Flex Percy Harvin
K Blair Walsh
Def Patriots

Bench: Eli Manning, Bishop Sankey, Reggie Wayne, Devonta Freeman, Tre Mason, Andrew Hawkins, Markus Wheaton

There's some upside players on my bench, I'll probably drop Tre Mason and look to upgrade TE. Anyone got any uplifting words, I truly don't like my team.


  • Blake_FincherBlake_Fincher Posts: 660Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    I usually take a few "what if" players, but I'm a little scared for you with so many. I'm not too concerned with WR for you because I'm a little higher on Wheaton than most. I hope for your sake they all stay healthy.

  • Delhomme17Delhomme17 Posts: 113Member

    Interesting draft--I don't think I've seen any 12-team PPR mocks this year (I've done 15-20) where one team has ended up with both Murray and Megatron. Tron is always gone by pick 6 or 7, and DeMarco usually by the tail-end of the first round, maybe 2.03 at worst. Nicely done in snagging those two.

    Anyway, your WR's are definitely above average. I'm glad you drafted Allen as a WR2 and not a WR1. A lot of folks draft him as their #1 guy, and while he definitely has WR1 upside, I would feel a lot safer with him as my WR2. We all know Percy's PPR upside from his days in Minnesota, but I think his ceiling in Seattle is probably WR2 rather than WR1--either way, rock solid flex option. People are sleeping on Wayne; he's practiced well so far and it's hard to see him catching fewer than 80 balls. Hawkins and Wheaton are nice flyers.

    I'm not in love with your RB's. Murray is great. You probably got Rice at a great value, but I'm not sold on him bouncing back from last season. You've got to hope one of Sankey, Freeman, and/or Mason pops off, which is definitely a possibility. I'd have probably passed on Sankey and taken a "safer" guy like Joique, Mathews, Woodhead, etc. if I were you (I'm assuming you got him in the 4th or 5th). Sankey probably has the highest upside of your rookie RB's simply due to his situation, but the guys I just mentioned are safer bets with equally higher or higher ceilings.

    Gotta think you could've done better than RG3 at QB1. We all know he can produce if he's healthy, but when he's less than 100% he's a very dicey play. I'd imagine one of Cutler, Rivers, Romo, or Wilson were available when you drafted him; I'd rather have any of those guys than RG3. The play for RG3 drafters, IMO, is to draft him as a QB2, hope he goes off, then trade either him or your QB1.

    Not sure about Ertz. I like him, but I like other guys that generally go around his ADP or later better--Martellus Bennett, for example.

    Overall, I think your team is in solid shape. Your starters look good (I assume you'll start Sankey in weeks 1 and 2) and you have a nice group of receivers. Keep your eye on the wire and try to sell high if any of your RB's goes off. I also think you should try to shop Percy and see what you can get. Percy + Rice for a better RB is an intriguing package.

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