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Late come to a 2 player keeper league

TreyvianTreyvian Posts: 47Member

I joined a league where everyone gets to keep 2 players with Standard scoring format. This is what I drafted and I want some opinions. I did take risks with last 3 picks on rookies since there are 8 bench spots.
QB-Colin Kaepernick,Matthew Stafford, Johnny Manziel. RB- MJD, Le'veon Bell, Zac Stacy, Terrance West. WR- Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, Cordarrelle Patterson (min), Torrey Smith, Mike Evans. TE- Jordan Cameron. K-Adam Vinitari. Def-Bills, Eagles. Thoughts?


  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭

    I don't typically touch rookies, look at the % of ones that produce to a point where they have any fantasy relevance as a starter and it's pretty disparing. I'd rather pick up handcuffs.

  • whoson1st0whoson1st0 Posts: 28Member

    I don't know how many teams are in your league but I like your team. As far as your rookies go, I like West (decent chance Tate gets hurt and West steps in) and Evans. Rookie RBs have a good track record. Rookie WR not so much but recently there have a been quite a few who come on by mid-season. You likely will end up dropping Manziel for someone on waivers since Kap/Stafford should be all you need in a 1 QB league. MJD gives you depth after Bell and Stacy. I like your starting 3 WR a lot and your TE could be top 5. Def - meh, but if they don't cut it you can get one off waivers, no big deal.

  • TreyvianTreyvian Posts: 47Member

    Thanks. I should have specified it is a 2 WR league. And as to SofaKing and reasons for Manziel it is a keeper league and I like to take a risk on some rookies in case they become somebody worth holding on to

  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭

    @Trey if it was more than a keep 2, say a keep 5 or dynasty league, I would agree. Likely you will be holding over Dez and Marshal, something along those lines not rookies. Dont get me wrong, yes a rookie could be good enough to carry over, however its a low low chance and would be on a keep 2.

  • gumbyke1gumbyke1 Posts: 108Member

    Leave the rookie WR's alone... but allays take a flyer or two on a rookie RB if your in a keeper league and can afford it. Nice job with this team, I like it.

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