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I was the last to draft qb. what do you think?

stanfootballstanfootball Posts: 248Member

1) forte
2)Demetrius Thomas
3) Monte Ball
4) Michael Floyd .( I flipped out here) I felt rushed. I could of had cruz wr for giants. Who I wanted. THis not a pick I'm happy about but could work out maybe.
5) Keenan Allen
6) Gerhart
8) cordarelle Patterson
9)Golden Tate
10) Dennis Pitta
11)Carolina Def.
12) Rothlesburger
14) houshka pk
15)Baltimore def
16) Eli Manning
18) Jordan Matthews
19) Charles Clay
20) Robby gould

I may have guy that I could trade a rb or wr or both for Stafford or Luck. Probably only Luck since Stafford was his first pick. WHo would you trade for Luck?


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