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Late RB's vs WR/TE

12 team no ppr. Question is do you take these lower ranked 1st round RB's over top ranked WR's in the 1st 2nd rounds.

Calvin/Dez with Thomas and or another WR 1-2 or grab a Bennard/Murry/Morris/Foster type.

I dont like the idea of not having a RB1 going into round 3/4 but I do not see alot of value in the 7-15th ranked RB's this year. All very close in value so why not grab top WR/TE 1st?

Thoughts on RB's vs WRs after top 6-7 are gone?

Thanks all


  • MochaMocha Posts: 150Administrator admin

    I am getting sold on the WR-WR idea. I agree - I don't like spending my first pick on a tier-2 RB. I am going to try some mocks and see how a roster fills out when I draft a Calvin and Peyton or Calvin and Brees. I do like the idea of having both Calvin Johnson and Dez on my lineup… as long as I can potentially get someone like Bush, Jennings, etc.

  • d0nkeysh0wd0nkeysh0w Posts: 25Member

    I prefer drafting Bernard in late 1st/early 2nd. Murray and Foster are injury prone, Morris sucks without Shanahan, and Lynch is a criminal with a lot of miles on him. Maybe go WR/WR if not in a PPR league, but I'd still consider Bernard given how explosive he is. He's simply too good to not get a lot of touches in Cincy. Jeremy Hill is not that good.

  • Blake_FincherBlake_Fincher Posts: 659Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    I could see Bernard having 300 touches this season. He will be good in PPR or standard.

  • Egg28Egg28 Posts: 42Member

    I will draft 9th in both my advanced league drafts. If Calvin is there I'll take him.

    But I expect Calvin and manning gone. Leaving me 7-12 RBs and Jimmy G. Take a TE in 1st. SMH.

    I did a mock and got graham and dez then was not happy with RBs. Tough end of first tbis year. PPR WR WR can't lose

  • sclyon3sclyon3 Posts: 245Member

    Yes, I agree with you. Last year I took two RBs early in my most important league (Foster 1st and Spiller 2nd). Didn't work out for me so well! I still ended up making the playoffs and placing 3rd, but that was a blow I definitely did not recover from. I like your strategy here. I am all about drafting for value over position. I will, most of the time, draft the best player available at any given time (although I usually won't start taking back-ups until my starting roster is filled out).

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