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reset sucks!

16FAC16FAC Posts: 468Member

Well over 2000 posts answering questions and asking them and now we start all over? Did anybody else like the fact that seeing how many posts someone had may add validity to answers?

Oh well here we go again!


  • flotsamnjetsamflotsamnjetsam Posts: 24Member, Moderator mod

    Number of posts didn't always equate to expert/valid answers. There were some very knowledgeable people that didn't have a lot of posts and vice versa. I had over 17,000 posts, and yeah, it does kinda suck to have them all erased, but it was necessary to keep the site going. The old format kept crashing, so changes needed to be made and this was the last resort.

  • Brown_DawgBrown_Dawg Posts: 4Member
    edited August 2014

    I'm just upset because I lost mah icons. I did screenshot before the old site went down, just in case :D

  • slowkidzslowkidz Posts: 14Member

    I wasn't around for the crashing, but the new version looks like its all "rate my team", "who should I draft", and classified postings. Almost like the craigslist of FF. What happened to all the general discussions about teams, football, or life in general? I keep checking in every day, but its just a little depressing.

  • Delhomme17Delhomme17 Posts: 113Member

    I like this new site a lot better than last year's ill-fated "new and improved Cafe" for sure, but I'm still partial to the original incarnation I spent so many Sunday mornings refreshing. Hopefully this will grow into the community the old place was, because it was definitely special.

    I, too, miss the icons. Wish there was a way to get the Cafe Response Team going again. On the plus side, I was the Cafe Response Team Leader when the old board shut down--guess that makes me Leader forever, then, right? ;)

  • TheArtfulDodgerTheArtfulDodger Posts: 19Member

    Over on the fantasy baseball side, I heard about the constant crashing with last year's placeholder forum. It's unfortunate that users, topics, icons, etc. can't be salvaged and migrated over to the new incarnation. We didn't have any painful migrations on the baseball Cafe like you guys dealt with and so, it's a bit unnerving that someday soon, it will be overhauled completely by a new platform altogether.

    There are certain things I like about the new Cafe while I don't necessarily think the new design solves the problems of old either. The common complaint I read about the old Cafe was it had too many boards and therefore, difficult to navigate and find content. This new Cafe has a neater way of getting around individual boards through the sidebar menu, but it does so by sacrificing valuable space that could best be focused on threads and discussions. It's actually more difficult to read through posts.

    I'd love to see a reintegration of the positive things of the charming old Cafe we knew and loved (Cafe icons, games) and I'd have to believe that management is making that project a priority.

  • MochaMocha Posts: 150Administrator admin

    Hi @16FAC‌, @Brown_Dawg‌, @slowkidz‌ & Our Friendly Mods,

    First off - I've gone ahead and moved this discussion to the "Cafe Feedback" category as it's probably a better fit there!

    As always, we welcome your thoughts + feedback - much appreciated!

    Ya, it is a shame (in some ways) that we had to start fresh… but I really think it is for the better. I think what we have in place now is a great foundation to take things to a new level.

    Yes, a lot of the discussion right now looks to be centred around 'who should i draft', fantasy league classifieds, etc… but it is pre-season so that kind of makes sense. Once the season gets underway I'm sure you'll see the normal in-season fantasy discussions take over.

    As far as seeing the number of posts a user has, I'll see if we can add that back. It wouldn't include posts made on the old site but if you think it is worth having, we can look at adding that feature to the platform.

    As far as icons go, we do have something similar called "Badges". If you go to someone's profile page, you'll see them on the side. The ones that are currently awarded are automatically awarded for doing certain tasks. We can create manual ones which must be awarded by Mods. In addition, there are ranks - everyone starts off as a "Prospect". After a certain number of posts you'd become a "Rookie"… and move up from there. We can create other ranks based upon number of posts, points earned (i.e. people "Voting up" your post), etc.

    I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

  • flotsamnjetsamflotsamnjetsam Posts: 24Member, Moderator mod

    I think the only bad thing about ranking people based on number of posts is that it rewards those posters who can make dozens of posts per day because they answer questions with one word & no explanation at all (sorry, I hate that!).

  • yetiboyyetiboy Posts: 66Member

    @flotsamnjetsam said:
    I think the only bad thing about ranking people based on number of posts is that it rewards those posters who can make dozens of posts per day because they answer questions with one word & no explanation at all (sorry, I hate that!).

    Me too.


  • MochaMocha Posts: 150Administrator admin

    Maybe it's better if the Mods manually assign badges?

  • JasonCulleyJasonCulley Posts: 20Member

    I am back after being away for some time, although I mostly just read articles at the old site. I think the new site looks very clean and am looking forward to posting quite often.

  • 16FAC16FAC Posts: 468Member

    OP here and yeah, I think that adding the old post counts to members would be a plus. There were a ton of answers to many questions that I had that I gave more credence to because of that. Its definitely not about vanity.

    Either way, I am here for the duration...always did Love this site!

    Thanks for making it better!

  • DailyFantasyCafeDailyFantasyCafe Posts: 14Administrator admin

    Hey Guys, I'm the new admin and getting caught up with past feedback/suggestions, etc. We are organizing and going to make this forum a more fun and engaging community to hang out and enjoy. We have the icons and post count on the list. This will take custom coding, which we're going to do.

    @Delhomme17 - I'm interested to hear more about the Cafe Response Team. Was this a team of mods or users that made it a priority to make quality responses to discussions/comments, etc?

    @TheArtfulDodger - what games were you referencing?

    @16FAC - we are looking at the old databases and determine what we can/can't bring back. Maybe we can look at previous number of posts and manually adding now.

    If you have further ideas, please send them through.


  • DailyFantasyCafeDailyFantasyCafe Posts: 14Administrator admin

    update - Post count is automated and will only display the posts on the new forum. Still looking into icons

  • Blake_FincherBlake_Fincher Posts: 660Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    Still never heard much back on the response team? @DailyFantasyCafe

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