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Worried About Bell? (I'll Help You)

10 team NON-PPR redraft with 2 keepers, standard scoring.
Until this weekend, I was going to keep Leveon Bell in the 9th over Morris in the 13th, but the news about Blount is worrisome. Which one would you keep?

Leave a link.


  • fuqyufuqyu Posts: 33Member

    Alfred Morris? I would go with him; cheaper keep price and more goal line touches. If it was ppr I might go the other way but in this situation, I think he's the better deal

  • hachiroku86hachiroku86 Posts: 14Member

    Bell/Blount worries me as well. The fact that Tomlin openly spoke about a timeshare is usually something to take pretty seriously. A-Mo at 13th is great value, too.

  • gbell217gbell217 Posts: 108Member

    in a non PPR they are almost equal in value so Morris is the better choice

  • lucky7lucky7 Posts: 53Member

    Yes, Alfred Morris. Thanks.

  • d0nkeysh0wd0nkeysh0w Posts: 25Member

    I think it's a tough call. I don't like either RB in particular. Morris sucked tonight and won't get any better without Shanahan's blocking scheme. Bell had a pathetic YPC last year and has Blount pushing him for goal line carries. Meh.

  • Texas_Two_StepTexas_Two_Step Posts: 559Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    I'm not concerned by the conversations regarding Bell/Blount. Here is my reasoning:

    1. Bell is a better receiver out of the backfield.

    2. Blount won't push for goal line carries. (Everyone views Blount as a big, physical runner. He is a large back, but there is a reason Stevan Ridley got the goal line carries in New England. If you watch video of Blount in short yardage situations, he tends to be indecisive and dance at the line of scrimmage. Bell is equally as physical and has better situational awareness.)

    3. Bell has higher upside.

    4. This isn't a boxing match.

    Hope this helps.

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