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Too Weak At RB?

401frankf401frankf Posts: 5Member

Do I have a shot with these RBs?
Standard scoring....
QB- Brady, E. Manning
RB- Spiller, Richardson, Ridley, West
WR- D. Thomas, Julio Jones, Hilton, Hartline, Gordon*
TE- Bennett, Green
DEF- Denver
K- Bailey
*Gordon selected in 10th rd. League becomes keeper next year keeping any two drafted from 8th rd on.


  • Cowboys4LifeCowboys4Life Posts: 20Member

    I think you might be in a tough spot at RB for the year. I own Spiller in a Dynasty and keep hoping he steps up for me but I haven't seen it to have the confidence yet. I know he was the one supposed to throw up last year from too many carries but I was the one who ended up throwing up.

    As for Richardson I keep hearing that it was the switching teams and new playbook that caused the lackluster year but its happening again. Until I see it I won't believe it.

    Ridley obviously has fumbing issues and we already know that he will be benched when it happens.

  • Blake_FincherBlake_Fincher Posts: 660Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    RB is where I would be very concerned. You can't blame the playbook totally on Richardson being lackluster. He has averaged 3.3 YPC over his short career. Spiller is up and down. I'd be praying Ben Tate goes out for ice cream and misses the first half of the season with "brain freeze". He is a huge injury risk, so West may get some action early.

  • hachiroku86hachiroku86 Posts: 14Member

    I agree with the above comments. I would definitely be trying to make a trade. Out of all your RBs, Ridley might have the highest ceiling and that is not saying a whole lot. I feel DT might be a bit overvalued right now so you should be able to get some good value for him and still have Julio as a solid WR1.

  • d0nkeysh0wd0nkeysh0w Posts: 25Member

    DT is definitely not being overvalued, lol. Pray Gordon gets a better deal with his suspension and then trade one of him or Jones for a real RB.

  • mth010291mth010291 Posts: 97Member

    I would definitely not feel comfortable going into the season with your RB situation..Trade Julio and see about getting a Demarco Murray/ Le'veon Bell caliber RB and have him throw in a receiver you feel has solid potential. That's usually how I do my trades, with thought in mind that I'm benefiting a position directly, and possibly leaving myself with some upside down the road. It helps to ask a player you know wants one of yours too! Hell, maybe unload Demaryius and try getting a solid running back and a receiver to plug in his place. I know it might be hard to let him go...judging by your lineup he was probably your first round pick...

  • jmogjmog Posts: 15Member

    You went WR heavy...and your RBs suffered...I think if Gordon even has a smaller suspension (6 or less games) you go trade a WR for a good RB.

    Check mine

  • JasonCulleyJasonCulley Posts: 20Member

    Ditto on what everyone else has said. Your strength is definitely at the WR position. Did you draft Thomas (1st), Jones (2nd), Spiller (3rd)?

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