2-QB 8-Team Keeper League Advice Wanted!

Hi all. I am in a league as described above, which we did before but are just starting having keepers this year. We will keep 4 players each year starting next year. It is a smaller league (8 players), and I have the 5th pick in this year's draft. I am just trying to gauge who to build my team around and thus am trying to determine my targets, especially during the first four rounds. There are 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 2 Flex (TE/WR/RB), K, DEF, 8 Bench per roster.

Here are my ideas so far by round:
1st- I feel like Lacy will be there at the 5th pick, and he is my guy I really want. If he is not available, I am torn. I may go Brees here, but I am torn because, after all, he is 35. Rodgers may be the guy I consider here if Lacy is gone. (Last year, same format but no keepers, no QBs went in the first and only Peyton and Rodgers went in the 2nd... These guys love their RBs a TON, and that has driven the draft in the past.)
2nd- I would love to get Graham at this pick. I'm hoping he is there. I think Lacy and Graham are two wonderful players to build around. Should Graham be taken, I am assuming top tier RBs will be gone by then, so I may consider who is available out of Dez, Green, and Demariyius at WR since QBs always sit in this league's draft. (Who would you take if you could choose out of all three of those WR?)
3rd- Assuming I don't go RB in the 2nd, I may grab one here (Bell, Bernard, Ball, etc.). Last year in this league with these guys (was not a keeper then, but was still 2-QB) I nabbed Brees in the 3rd and Cam in the 6th. These guys simply don't take QBs that quickly, so I may wait and expect to get a great long-term value in the 4th and 5th rounds. If they are coming off quicker this year, I'd like to get Luck or Cam here.
4th and 5th- Hoping I can nab Cam and Luck with these two picks, which would be no problem based on last year's draft trends. (I will obviously keep tabs on the first two rounds and see how late Manning, Brees, Rodgers go. If these guys figure out how valuable QBs in a 2-QB are and they go round one, I obviously change my approach drastically... But these are the two guys I want.)

Deeper targers I like for the next few rounds are: Ellington, Crabtree, T-Rich, Gerhart, Patterson, Hilton, Kaepernick, Wright, Shorts, just to name a few in no particular order. Who else should I be on the hunt for? Which of these guys would you not consider or target the most?

Any advice would be great. To summarize, other than maybe drafting Lacy in the first, my strategy will be to load up on elite WR, QB, and TE while everyone goes RB happy and get a value RB the best I can.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!



  • rjwhiterjwhite Posts: 35Member, Expert Writers

    You'll have a better handle on player values than anyone else based on your past league drafts, so while it's hard to tell you specifically what positions to target in each round, I can say that you should remain open to taking draft value however it comes. I also wouldn't take two QBs early, since that there are just about enough quality options for everyone to have two in a league where teams start 16 of them.

  • sclyon3sclyon3 Posts: 309Member

    Thanks, RJ! I agree with you, great points all around. Appreciate the support! I guess I just wanted to have more clarity for who exactly I want to target, but you make a good point. It is really hard to tell until I am in the moment and seeing who everyone else is taking.

    Thanks again.

  • indibuckindibuck Posts: 8Member, Moderator mod

    If passing TDs are worth 6 points, I think you have to take one of the big 3 QBs if they are still on the board at 5, age be damned. I would gladly take a year of production from Peyton or 2-4 years from Brees at that spot.

  • srlarsonsrlarson Posts: 675Member ✭✭

    first thing I would push for if you are having keepers...push to change the format from a snake draft to an auction fairest way...you have a shot at anyone.....

    In an 8 man league...QB's are plentiful, even starting 2.....but Rogers never bad....in this format the bang for your buck comes in WR and TE as less liklely to get hurt than RB's and thus you can keep them longer....so i would consider Graham, early....and in this format even drafting two of the top 3 Te's (Graham and Thomas, playing the second as a flex) really putting the squeeze on that position. just some other thoughts....

  • sclyon3sclyon3 Posts: 309Member

    Awesome, thanks for the feedback, fellas! And it is 4-pt. TDs for QBs. Would that change your approach, indibuck? And I have gone back and forth, srlarson, on the TE/WR approach. I have thought about that, because everyone will be loading on RB/QB. If I get a really good stash, especially if I land Graham and a stud young WR or two, I will have an obvious advantage there, and one (or more) of my WR/TE would be expendable via trade, which could land me a RB/QB that I want. At least I would have more leverage if I drive up the scarcity!

    Awesome, guys. Thanks again. More thoughts/advice welcomed!

  • ab100ab100 Posts: 11Member

    thanks for your help!
    i totally agree that in a 8 man league, QBs will be no issue. Lacy will be awesome this year, but only if rogers stays healthy. top WR would also be a great call

  • sclyon3sclyon3 Posts: 309Member

    Thanks, @ab100. I am thinking Lacy or top WR at this point! (although Rodgers is still tempting if he is there). If Forte is there, would you rather have him or Lacy?

  • ab100ab100 Posts: 11Member

    i would skip on rogers and go with forte. great schedule is the tie breaker between him and lacy. good luck!

  • suki7474suki7474 Posts: 9Member

    Thanks for helping me with mine!
    You have a lot of options. I love Lacy but if Forte is there you gotta go Forte IMO. Best of luck to you!

  • sclyon3sclyon3 Posts: 309Member

    Thanks guys for your input!

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    If you keep them year after year, I would take Rodgers 1st overall and Luck 2nd overall in a two QB league. Maybe the other way around it's close. RBs can dominate for a few years but they have a very short shelf life (outside of AP who is a freak). Luck will have a special career and you will have him for the next 10 plus years. If you can get them with your first two picks and you can keep them forever, the rest of the league might as well just send you a check directly every year.

  • sclyon3sclyon3 Posts: 309Member

    Wow, great point @indeed.... You got me over here re-thinking!! Thanks for the input!

  • The_DarkhawkThe_Darkhawk Posts: 264Member, Community Writers
    edited August 2014

    I would definitely want to secure a top tier QB in the first round. After that, being that its only 8 teams, I think you could probably wait a few more rounds for your 2nd QB. I got Brady in the 5th round of my recent 2QB league, for some sort of reference, and that's a 10 team league. There will be some no doubt top flight guys left when it comes back to you, and even though I agree Luck would be a guy to get, I think you can get him later and not burn your 2nd rounder on another QB. Go with a top WR or RB, or even one of the top TE's if they are still there.

  • sclyon3sclyon3 Posts: 309Member

    Thanks @devil_doc‌ I appreciate the feedback! As much as my gut keeps saying Lacy, my head keeps telling he to go with a top QB. I am torn, but I am sure I will figure out what I'm going to do soon here! (I have no choice come Sunday!!) Thanks again, bro.

  • sclyon3sclyon3 Posts: 309Member

    Here was my draft for everyone who helped:

    QB - Newton
    QB - Cutler
    RB - Lacy
    RB - Spiller
    WR - Bryant
    WR - Jeffery
    WR - Maclin
    TE - Graham
    FLEX - Gronk
    FLEX - C. Johnson (NYJ)
    D - Tampa Bay
    K - Gould

    BN - Sproles
    BN - M. Wallace
    BN - Sankey
    BN - Pierce
    BN - K. Robinson
    BN - Wheaton
    BN - Tannehill
    BN - J. Hill

    I am stoked!! I had choice of Lacy/Charles in the first, Calvin/Graham in the 2nd, and any WR not named Calvin in the 3rd. Absolutely crazy how these guys drafted! The run on QBs went early, and I just stockpiled.

    Dude who took Charles after me offered me Charles for Lacy straight up. I couldn't decide in the moment because I never considered Charles would be there! Thoughts?

    Thanks for all the help, everyone! I am pumped!!

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