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Pick one - Ellington, Stacy or Sankey

I have the choice of picking up one of these 3 backs. I see positives and negatives to all of them. Who do you like best?




  • Cowboys4LifeCowboys4Life Posts: 20Member

    For me it wouldn't even be close. Id take Stacy. I think Sankey should be the lead back eventually but at this point there has not been much said about him. At least Stacy has a lock on his spot and even though Tre is expected to take some its really no different than last year. Tre is more 3rd downish than full time.

  • andy117andy117 Posts: 86Member

    Thanks, Cowboys4Life, I'm a little worried about Mason. He seems to be more explosive than Stacy.

  • dreamFFCafedreamFFCafe Posts: 31Member, Moderator mod

    I agree with C4L - the pick here is Stacy.

  • Delhomme17Delhomme17 Posts: 113Member

    Hmm--I'm gonna go against the grain here and say Ellington. The first guy I'm eliminating here is Sankey. I think his time will come, but at this point I feel like he's more of what Ellington was last year. He'll be a good flex guy some weeks, particularly in PPR leagues, but his production will be inconsistent since he's likely to be in a timeshare. No problem with grabbing him as a flex/RB3, but I think hoping for him to produce like a fantasy starter is a bit much at this juncture. If he shows well in the preseason and jumps Shonn, then things change. My order--Ellington, Stacy, Sankey--would stay the same, but I'd definitely take Sankey earlier than his current ADP.

    Stacy is the "safe" pick, but IMO his ceiling is a good bit lower than Ellington's. He put up solid numbers last year, no doubt, but he still only average 3.9 YPC and wasn't a huge factor in the passing game. I won't call him a plodder, but he doesn't have the breakaway speed you look for when you're trying to identify a superstar. I'm not too worried about Mason at this point in the game, but one could certainly argue that his upside is higher than Stacy's when you look at the Rams' RB situation over a two or three year time horizon.

    Ellington has the potential to be the next Jamaal Charles/Shady McCoy. His burst is just unreal. 2/3 the yards on 1/2 the carries Stacy had--5.5 YPC--in addition to 39 receptions vs. Stacy's 26, and that was in relatively limited duty. He can split out with the WR's, catch balls out of the backfield, run between the tackles, and make defenders look silly. Stacy's skill set isn't quite as diverse. Plus, Arizona's passing game is more threatening than St. Louis'; Ellington will have more space to operate than Stacy will.

  • danthemandantheman Posts: 6Member

    I'm in agreement with Delhomme's comments above. I got to see Ellington play in person last year (Cardinals versus Falcons here in Arizona) and he is just explosive as can be. Not sure if he's ready to be an every-down back, but the Cardinals' O-line got better in the off-season (much better) and he's going to have every chance to shine. Stacy is more of a bruiser, he is solid but doesn't have the upside that Ellington has (and the Rams offense doesn't do much for me).

  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭

    I like Ellington in a PPR and Stacy in Standard formats.

  • gbell217gbell217 Posts: 123Member

    agree with SofaKing 100%

  • GronkeyKongCountryGronkeyKongCountry Posts: 22Member

    Ellington in PPR if u get stacy or sankey you have to grab mason and shonn greene because the situation. I actually think sankey has the most upside with chris johnson gone and greene a proven bum. But it could be one of those frustrating situation where the new guy is behind crappy starter. Stacy scares me because goin into this year reminds me of last year when daryl richardson was the starter. You can probably get sankey later than the other 2 and grab a reciever first

  • nerv101nerv101 Posts: 56Member

    Ellington also. I'm a bit concerned about Tre Mason developing into a better player than Stacy.

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