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Starting a Keeper League Primer

Hi all..... After a "dry run" last year when we ran a vanilla redraft league, my friends and I are ready to take the plunge and start a keeper league auction. I've been tasked with setting it up, which I'm looking forward to, but I'm finding it difficult to settle on some settings. I'd love some feedback from you guys (and gals) as to what you like and dislike about your league settings. Among other things, I can't seem to decide on # of keepers, yearly price increase of keepers (if any at all), playoff format, f.a.a.b or waiver priority for free agents.... heck you name it, I'm probably undecided on it!

Thanks to any and all who give me some input....... I should mention that we are relatively new at this, most of us playing for 1 or two years, though we're veteran roto baseball players, so know our way around fantasy concepts and keeper leagues....


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