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Murphy's Law destroyed me this week

So here's how my week in fantasy has gone so far. I had both A.J. Green and Jamaal Charles in my lineup, and they both get injured in the 1st quarter combining for 0 points before being out for the game. Then my opponent has Percy Harvin, who scored a non-TD today when he stepped out of bounds at the 20 but the refs didn't catch it, despite all scoring plays being reviewed. Couldn't have been more clear cut.

So now I need Gore and Luck to combine for 42 points to win. Amazing I still even have a sliver of hope in this game.


  • FirstCoastFirstCoast Posts: 36Member
    edited September 2014

    Now I can add in Gore's 54 yard TD run being negated by a ghost hold. This is just comical now.

    Well, at least he eventually did get a TD on that drive.

  • BleedGr33nBleedGr33n Posts: 252Member

    Charles and AJ owner here as well. I'm hearing AJ will Miss next week and then has week 4 bye and should be fine after that, could be worse.

    Charles reports are saying mild sprain but still could be a hi sprain which would suck. Should know tomorrow morning after mri. Just praying I get knile Davis. I dropped him earlier this week, stupid stupid stupid!

    Hang in there, at least is super early. We have plenty of time to make moves if needed, play the wire and make the playoffs. Things definitely just got real lol.

  • Blake_FincherBlake_Fincher Posts: 660Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    I had Charles and RG3 going today in my big money league. I'm praying I can get Knile on WW.

  • SilverZSilverZ Posts: 125Member

    I lost RG3 and Charles in one league. Now I need 23 points from Wayne and Vinitari. I have the #7 waiver so chances of getting Cousins or K. Davis are pretty small. Looks like I'll be starting Geno Smith for the foreseeable future. :s

  • runningchocrunningchoc Posts: 1,796Member ✭✭

    Man, you drafted RG3 without getting a decent backup? Ouch...

  • FirstCoastFirstCoast Posts: 36Member

    If Luck can somehow score 28 points tonight, I can tie. 29 to win. I'm not counting on it but it isn't impossible I guess.

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