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Draft Help at #4

TDs of any variety are worth 10 in my 12 team PPR league, thus elite QBs go off the board very high. I wouldn't be surprised to see 2 QBs taken before I pick at 4 (4 first round QBs taken last year).
So my question for you experts, do I take a QB (Manning, Brees, Rodgers)? I've always played the Russian roulette game of taking 2 mid-grade QBs and playing matchups.
Other options are to (1) grab a premium RB (McCoy/Charles maybe Peterson/Forte), or (2) grab the premium TE talent that is Jimmy Graham? WR is too deep for me to consider Johnson at 4 IMHO.


  • DeeToiDeeToi Posts: 219Member

    Pass on the cubes. Go for a Shady or Jamaal. Grab an elite receiver or Jimmy Graham in the 2nd. Stick with your guns. QB pool is deep and I would feel confident with the likes of Romo and Cutler after the 8th Round.

  • 37desmond37desmond Posts: 3Member

    Grab shady in the first then an elite touchdown guy such as graham or wr and then pick up stafford

  • gumbyke1gumbyke1 Posts: 108Member

    Agreed... get your elite RB first, then grab Jimmy Graham. Dont forget those late round gems that our TD vultures (Fred Jackson, etc...)

  • joeylitzjoeylitz Posts: 72Member

    I don't agree. I want a QB that can throw for 35+ TDs. That screams Manning, Brees, and Rodgers to me (and I think Stafford might do it this year).

  • dawinner127dawinner127 Posts: 40Member
    edited August 2014

    @joeylitz said:
    I don't agree. I want a QB that can throw for 35+ TDs. That screams Manning, Brees, and Rodgers to me (and I think Stafford might do it this year).

    Yeah 10 points is a big difference than 4 or 6. Last year manning had 55 touchdowns. The highest skill position was Charles with 19 total. 550 points vs 76/114 (4 vs 6 points for touchdowns). The difference in points alone is eye popping IMO. It shouldn't be a question. Hell, even Brees went for 390 points in just touchdowns. That's insane

    Take the quarterback then try and find some pass catching rbs later in the draft. You should be fine.

  • Turbo6Turbo6 Posts: 63Member

    I also don't agree with taking a RB at 4th given 10pts/TD. Take the player with most projected TD's regardless of position. If you had a later pick, I may think differently.

    There' a 9 TD difference between #4 and #10 QB and a 3 TD difference between #4 and #10 RB. Of course these are all projections, but if they hold true, you'd be giving up roughly 6 TD's by going RB first.

    You also know your league better then us and we don't have the full scoring setup, so you'll need to decide who you think will be available at pick 4, 21, and 28 and plan your top 3 as starters and go for the most combined TD's.

  • gbell217gbell217 Posts: 123Member

    all that scoring does is make all QBs more valuable and the best ones more so ... if someone is crazy enough to pass on one of the big 3 at QB then jump on them at 4

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