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Start & Sit?

jb11rxjb11rx Posts: 11Member

So I've been a member of the Café for over 5 years and I remember that there used to be a start and sit that was published every week by one of the admins. Is this still happening or did it go away with the old website? I have looked for it on the new one and I found the start and sit section of the forums but not the other. If its still around some direction would be awesome.



  • MattyNMattyN Posts: 996Member, Expert Writers ✭✭
    edited September 2014

    Hopefully we get somebody writing a good Start/Sit piece weekly soon. Until then, post your lineup questions and you should get a lot of guidance in the Cafe.

  • ObeyGiantObeyGiant Posts: 20Member

    The guy that did the start and sit is/was R.J. White who does rankings for fantasypros as well. If you want his opinion just go to fantasypros and do their player vs player tool they have and just look for the guy with R.J.'s name below him and that is who the old start/sit would have had ranked higher out of the two. I like/trust R.J. he used to respond to question in the comments and he helped me win my first super bowl a couple years ago. Lots of rankings had locker above romo this week. I seen that r.j. still prefers romo and I think I have to go with Mr. White on this one.

  • MattyNMattyN Posts: 996Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    Yeah. RJ is great.

  • jb11rxjb11rx Posts: 11Member

    Thanks for the response guys. I'll check fantasypros out.

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