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$200 Yahoo PPR 12 Team H2H Redraft SUPERFLEX - Full Payout League Safe 8/16 Draft

League forming now so PM soon if interested. My other leagues filled in 4 days so act now, not on Saturday

Gridiron Gods

12 Man H2H
Live Online Draft Sunday 8/16 4 PM EST
Snake format 30 sec per pick
Full NFL Universe

$200 buy in though League Safe
Majority Rule payout

1st Place $1600
2nd Place $800

QB 1
RB 1-3
WR 1-3
Super Flex 1 (QB/RB/WR/TE)
TE 1
K 1
Bench 7

1 point per 25 passing
1 point per 10 rushing/receiving
4 points per TD pass
6 points per TD run/catch
1 point per reception
3 points per FG
1 point per XP
6 points per DST TD
1 point per INT
1 point per sack

Waiver process based on previous run
Dropped players on waivers for 1 day
Unlimited Add/drops

Trades voted on my league mates
3 objections allowed
Anything over 3 will be published in this forum for other owners to comments
and this will be the ruling factor

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