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Represent Fantasy Football Cafe on Fantasy Pros!

We are looking for two of the best Cafeholics to represent Fantasy Football Cafe this year in the NFL Accuracy Competition on Fantasy Pros.

The Accuracy Competition consists of two parts:

1) Draft Accuracy: Rank all players. These rankings lock week 1 for the entire season. At end of season, your rankings are analyzed to see how the players performed.

2) In season: Adjusted every week and performance is ranked on a weekly basis.

This is only for the truly dedicated and those that have a proven track record on the Cafe sites. If interested, DM DailyFantasyCafe and send through any pertinent information that will help us determine if you are a good fit to represent Cafe.

$200 Yahoo PPR 12 Team H2H Redraft SUPERFLEX - Full Payout League Safe 8/16 Draft

League forming now so PM soon if interested. My other leagues filled in 4 days so act now, not on Saturday

Gridiron Gods

12 Man H2H
Live Online Draft Sunday 8/16 4 PM EST
Snake format 30 sec per pick
Full NFL Universe

$200 buy in though League Safe
Majority Rule payout

1st Place $1600
2nd Place $800

QB 1
RB 1-3
WR 1-3
Super Flex 1 (QB/RB/WR/TE)
TE 1
K 1
Bench 7

1 point per 25 passing
1 point per 10 rushing/receiving
4 points per TD pass
6 points per TD run/catch
1 point per reception
3 points per FG
1 point per XP
6 points per DST TD
1 point per INT
1 point per sack

Waiver process based on previous run
Dropped players on waivers for 1 day
Unlimited Add/drops

Trades voted on my league mates
3 objections allowed
Anything over 3 will be published in this forum for other owners to comments
and this will be the ruling factor

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