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Who to take #8 overall in league with 6pts per TD Pass

This league is 6 pts per TD pass,rush,reception, so quarterbacks go earlier than normal.
I am almost certain the top 6 will include: McCoy, ADP, Forte, Charles, Manning, Calvin Johnson.

Who should I target after that? (non PPR)


  • dreamFFCafedreamFFCafe Posts: 31Member, Moderator mod

    I think you take the one that is left - Lacy, Brees and Murray

  • TheCommishTheCommish Posts: 39Member

    I would take Lacy there in a heartbeat

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    Non PPR, Lacy would be a steal at 8th overall. Many rank him 4th overall swapping spots with Forte in a PPR.

  • GronkeyKongCountryGronkeyKongCountry Posts: 22Member

    Everyone lovesss lacy! Whats he gonna do with cobb and rodgers healthy? Go with jimmy

  • indeedindeed Posts: 975Member ✭✭

    Score a crap load of TDs that's what. You can't put 8 in the box against GB it's suicide. He will have all sorts of lanes assuming they don't lose another lineman. That's the only thing that remotely scares me about Lacy. You can cover the injury concern with Starks fairly late. Anyone can get hurt so don't pitch that. We are all so confident with our rankings each year. Yet at the end of the year, no one is dead on. you make your best guess. But Lacy is as good a bet as any to be the #1 overall RB this year. Why not? A mediocre defense and an elite offense that doesn't have a RBBC? Just what the doctor ordered.

  • srlarsonsrlarson Posts: 675Member ✭✭

    Lacy or Brees or Rodgers.....

    Depending on number of teams...default says take Lacy....but could make the case for a QB...and if it's a 10 or12 team league....w 6 pts.....I would take Rodgers.....

    If an 8 team league take Lacy and Brees.....

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