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On Target - Target Percentages

Blake_FincherBlake_Fincher Posts: 660Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

On Target - Weekly Target Percentages

In this weekly article I will highlight not only the amount of targets received by the top targeted players in a given week, but the percentage they received of the total targets. I think it's very important to understand the percentages in order to get a good hold on the potential workload going forward for a player. For instance the most targeted WR this week was Steve Smith of the Baltimore Ravens. He had 15 targets this week, but they threw the ball 62 times. Can you really expect that many pass attempts on a weekly basis and is it worth a starting spot in your lineup?

WR Targets

Player Targets % of total attempts

  1. Steve Smith (Bal) 15 24%
  2. Jordy Nelson (GB) 14 42%
  3. Donnie Avery (KC) 13 37%
  4. Reggie Wayne (Ind) 13 25%
  5. Pierre Garcon (Was) 12 32%
  6. Brandon Marshall (Chi) 12 24%
  7. T.Y. Hilton (Ind) 11 21%
  8. Demaryius Thomas (Den) 11 31%
  9. Mike Wallace (Mia) 11 34%
  10. Andrew Hawkins (Cle) 10 32%

TE Targets

  1. Dennis Pitta (Bal) 15 24%
  2. Rob Gronkowski (NE) 11 20%
  3. Greg Olsen (Car) 11 32%
  4. Martellus Bennett (Chi) 10 20%
  5. Antonio Gates (SD) 10 28%
  6. Jimmy Graham (NO) 10 24%
  7. Marcedes Lewis (Jax) 9 21%
  8. Jared Cook (StL) 8 22%
  9. Larry Donnell (NYG) 8 24%
  10. Coby Fleener (Ind) 8 15%

RB Targets

  1. Gio Bernard (Cin) 10 26%
  2. Matt Forte (Chi) 9 18%
  3. Shane Vereen (NE) 8 14%
  4. LeVeon Bell (Pit) 7 21%
  5. Pierre Thomas (NO) 7 17%
  6. Ahmad Bradshaw (Ind) 6 11%
  7. Reggie Bush (Det) 6 19%
  8. Justin Forsett (Bal) 6 10%
  9. LeSean McCoy (Phi) 6 13%
  10. Darren Sproles (Phi) 6 13%

RB Carries

  1. Arian Foster (Hou) 27 82%
  2. Knowshon Moreno (Mia) 24 63%
  3. Montee Ball (Den) 23 72%
  4. DeMarco Murray (Dal) 22 96%
  5. LeVeon Bell (Pit) 21 75%
  6. LeSean McCoy (Phi) 21 66%
  7. Adrian Peterson (Min) 21 70%
  8. Marshawn Lynch (Sea) 20 54%
  9. Toby Gerhart (Jax) 18 72%
  10. Matt Forte (Chi) 17 94%

Of course these stats don't mean everything. There are things to consider such as opponent and run/pass tendencies of the coordinators. This can lend you some insight into how certain players will be utilized. With that being said there are 3 timeshare situations I want you guys to look at.

Pittsburgh Steelers

I'm just going to go ahead and say I told you so. I told Bell owners not to be concerned with all of the Legarrete Blount talk, I even posted an article on these very forums saying so. I know Blount vultured a touchdown from Bell this week, but we got to see exactly what the roles for these players will be. Bell had 21 carries and 6 reception, while Blount only had 4 carries and didn't record a reception. LeVeon will be the "Bell" cow this season , absolutely pun intended.

Miami Dolphins

This one is a little tougher to read. Knowshon Moreno, as I have also said on these forums looked like the better back in pre-season. He was awarded 24 carries on Sunday, while Miller only received 11. Will the trend continue? That's hard to say at this point, but if I'm an owner of both, I'm playing Moreno over Miller at this point.

Cleveland Browns

Where is Denny Green when you need him? When it comes to Ben Tate, "He is what we thought he was". An injury prone RB that some took a chance on way to early in drafts. So what now for the Browns? I thought Crowell was the better back in pre-season and would be the back-up to Tate. Crowell did have 5 carries, 2 of those for TDs on Sunday. However, West got the workload receiving 16 carries out of the backfield. I wish I had some great advice for what comes next, but as of now it's wait and see for a few weeks. In deeper leagues, both of these backs should find a stash spot on a roster.


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