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New Ray Rice Punch Video

MattyNMattyN Posts: 996Member, Expert Writers ✭✭
edited September 2014 in Football Leftovers

They Ray Rice punch video that rolled out last night is a PR nightmare for the NFL.

Roger Goodell is already being pressed extremely hard by the media to change the 2 game suspension.


  • scottaa1scottaa1 Posts: 3Member

    haven't been following this news but after seeing the footage from the elevator why isn't he in jail?

  • MattyNMattyN Posts: 996Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    I'm no lawyer but I think for him to be in legal trouble, the girl would have to press charges.

    Instead she married him.

  • moochmooch Posts: 1Member

    Actually most states will prosecute regardless of the victims willingness. My guess is high powered attorney was instrumental in getting a slap on the wrist. Big question is Goodell's survivability. He should lose his job for sheer incompetence alone, if his duplicity in the case isn't enough. My hope is that they punish Goodell as if he used pot multiple times rather than were he to beat a woman. You created and swung the ax, now its your turn to kneel. (as if a lawyer for rich, old boy owners would ever let the guillotine fall)

  • MattyNMattyN Posts: 996Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    It looks to me like Goodell is done. I think the owners are going to turn on him.

  • BlueBlue Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭

    ^ I sure hope they do, would love to see him leave and stop ruining the game.

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