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Zero TDs for the "Elite 5 RBs" in Week 1

MattyNMattyN Posts: 996Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

Goose Egg in TDs from McCoy, Peterson, Charles, Forte & Lacy this week.

(McCoy, Forte, AP still had solid games).


  • BleedGr33nBleedGr33n Posts: 252Member

    yup and I have Charles and Lacy! frustrated. luckily I flexed CJ2K who did ok. thinking about trading one of my top RB's for a stud WR like D Thomas or Dez if I can get the team to throw in a RB2 like Jennings or something similar. who has a better year Charles or Lacy?

  • muskrat21muskrat21 Posts: 349Member

    don't panic it's week 1. things settle down around week 3.

  • MattyNMattyN Posts: 996Member, Expert Writers ✭✭
    edited September 2014

    I completely agree w @muskrat21‌. No time to panic.

    However, regarding the Charles Vs. Lacy question...

    I think Charles is the better RB but I'm worried about that Chiefs team. Alex Smith has never showed me that he can throw the ball deep. I don't see how every defensive co-ordinator they face doesn't stack the box and dare Smith to go over the top.

  • The_DarkhawkThe_Darkhawk Posts: 264Member, Community Writers

    Lacy! Haha yeah it's only week one. McCoy saved his day with yards today. But that Eagles offesne looked UGLY early on

  • MattyNMattyN Posts: 996Member, Expert Writers ✭✭

    Only week 1. No reason to over react on any of these guys.

  • BleedGr33nBleedGr33n Posts: 252Member
    edited September 2014

    anytime I can win with Charles and Lacy combining for 6 points I'm happy. cordarrelle, AJ and CJ2K held it down. just need Dez to stay contained this 2nd half.

    I share the same concerns for Charles tho. not like Tennessee is the greatest defense either. I didn't see much of the game to really know what the hell happened. I just can't believe they couldn't get Charles 50-60 all purpose yards one way or the other.

    Eagles offense started slow last year as well but I think they'll be fine. they got a little rattled early on seemed to abandon the run early. that 4th down sproles call up the guy was a beauty for a TD.

    the jets running game looked solid, loved the play calling. I think CJ is in for a solid year. wouldn't be worried if he was my rb2.

    Lynch looks like best 1st round pick so far in my opinion . dude is just the model of consistency.

  • dawinner127dawinner127 Posts: 40Member

    No touchdowns but forte had a great game!!!!

  • rkkcobrarkkcobra Posts: 88Member

    Yeah Week 1 Always fun

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