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12 Team Keeper League going into 14th year looking for one more


We've got a 12 team, keeper league going into its 14th season. The league is made up of people who joined from the internet (so all over the US and even one in Australia). The league still has 4 original owners and is going very well. We utilize MY FANTASY LEAGUE as our website and play just for fun (thought we have to pay the league website fee of $7.50).

The owners are extremely experienced but will be strangers to you so you won't have that added pressure of 'losing to someone you absolutely hate' or 'losing to your spouse'.

Here are the details, please email if you are interested (the sooner the better as we are looking to get our slow live draft going)..............

League: My Fantasy League
Fee: $7.50 (website fee)
Payout: None (just pride)
Teams: 12
Divisions: 3
Regular Season: Wks 1- 14 (play division opponents twice, play non divisional opponents once)
Playoff Teams: 4 (playoffs are weeks 15 and 16)
Draft Type: Slow Live Draft (each team has up to 24 hrs to make a selection) I've found this to be great b/c the best part of the season (the draft) last a few weeks instead of just hours. You also get to continue researching players and the draft trends as the draft is going on (which also leads to in draft trading). **if the draft is not finished by the Tuesday prior to the Thursday night season opener, a fast live draft will be held to finish up at 9EST on that Tuesday
Draft Logic: Serpentine Style (team with 1st pick in round 1 will have last pick in round 2)
Keepers: 3 from year to year
Keepers for your specific team: Drew Brees, Andre Ellengton, Jimmy Graham
Starting Rosters: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 FLEX (RB, WR,TE), 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Team DEF
Roster Size: 21 players
Scoring System:

Passing/Rushing/Receiving TD: 6 pts
300 yard passing bonus: 6 pts
100 yard rushing or receiving bonus: 6 pts
interceptions: -2 pts
Every 10 yds Rushing/Rec: 1 pt
Every 20 yds Passing: 1 pt
Every 20 yrd Punt/Kick Return: 1 pt

Fractional Points: Yes

If you have any questions please be sure to email me. We are an experienced group of owners but would still welcome anyone of any current skill (including newbies). Ultimately we are just a group of 11 guys who genuinely just enjoy the hobby of fantasy football.


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